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What is Mess+Noise?

Mess+Noiseis Australia’s premier alternative music community and online magazine. Informative, irreverent and always ahead of the curve, it reaches the tastemakers and dedicated fans first.

Mess+Noiseis dedicated to showing Australian music in a different and evocative light. The site specialises in daily news, incisive interviews, pointed reviews and photo galleries by some of the best music writers and photographers in the country. It attracts a ferociously loyal and discerning readership of serious music fans.

Its audience is one of the most highly engaged of any Australian music website with an average session duration of 7+ minutes.

Who's behind Mess+Noise?

Mess+Noise was founded initially as a print magazine by Danny Bos and Kristy Milliken back in January, 2005. Now online, it’s become an Australian online institution, well-known for its vocal and active forums, music articles, record reviews, photo galleries, video content and unique approach to festival coverage. Mess+Noise is also the best place to hear emerging Australian talent on the internet, with new music streaming on the site regularly.

In 2010, Mess+Noise launched Lunchbox, a series of free lunchtime performances in Melbourne’s CBD. The series has since expanded to Sydney, and has seen performances by the likes of Gareth Liddiard (The Drones), Dan Kelly, Wagons, Adalita (Magic Dirt) and Eagle & The Worm. Each show is recorded for later consumption on Mess+Noise TV.

Mess+Noise is always looking for talented contributors to join our team. Check out our contact page for all the gory details.

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Darren Levin

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Hannah Brooks
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Kate Hennessey
Lawson Fletcher
Matt Shea
Max Easton
Nick Argyirou Patrick Emery
René Schaefer
Shaun Prescott
Steph Kretowicz
Tim Scott
Trevor Block
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