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Grand Designs Appreciation Thread

steveholt  said about 8 years ago  or at  8:57PM on Thursday, August 9 2007 in television

ABC Thursdays at 6pm

Rad TV show about rich fucks with too much time and money on their hands.

Appreciation goes here.

goldbuttons  said about 8 years ago:

I watch this on the Lifestyle channel sometimes.
I really liked the episode with the old church in Scotland.. amazing.

steveholt  said about 8 years ago:

My faves are the ones where it pisses rain and the builders just have a bitch of a time. There was one in Ireland where it pelted rain and the lime stone mortar was just washing away. Gold!

columbo  said about 8 years ago:

i watch this religiously every week on the Lifestyle channel - even though they're repeats now I keep watching!


liamsnice  said about 7 years ago:

i love this show. i wish they would air new episodes on foxtel

mathieson  said about 7 years ago:

Grad Designs Abroad is on Foxtel now - full of dodgy builders.

The best Grand Designs is the one where the guy could only afford a sliver of land in central London between two huge houses and built this long, thin structure with a retractable roof he designed himself. He and a friend did most of the construction, too.

steveholt  said about 7 years ago:

Did anyone see last nights episode?

Crazy brits building a quasi-medi-evil house boat on a barge! Would have been great if they pulled it off, but the bloke was a dick. Themsthebreaks.

n/ever  said about 7 years ago:

i love this show. imagine having enough money to buy a bloody castle and make it into your very own home!! my fave was the woodsman house, that was just inspirational! and that house that was built around a heritage protected chestnut tree.
one day...

raincoat  said about 7 years ago:

totally love this show. not always about rich fuckers as previous has said.

tvforcats  said about 7 years ago:

much love to this show

Angelic  said about 7 years ago:

yeah totally. he was wearing my watch a few episodes back. in Spain doing the castle... he was wearing a vintage 70's Spaceman watch. the height of fashion then and now. yeah I got one...cos I'm fucking cool.

Angelic  said about 7 years ago:

btw they totally fucked that English castle the other night. Sure it was well constructed and re-built beautifully but the interior details were fucking terrible. Even the outside I had problems with colour choice for the stone? should have gone grey, brown was wrong... And the stonemasons did a beautiful job cutting the stone for the fireplace and doors and etc but the stupid tool owners had those shitty fucking really cornball motifs cut into the stone. looked TERRIBLE and really badly thought out and totally naff. TOTALLy.

but good show, dude can't help if people are mad.

La Bomba  said about 7 years ago:

the Broghton couple last night were funny. whats the host's name? he's a smart man.

La Bomba  said about 7 years ago:


Angelic  said about 7 years ago:

haha they were hilarious. Not a bad effort with the uplighting, could of been more dramatic, but haha yeah they were funny. I liked the designer that destroyed the fireplace on purpose (although he said he didn't but he also said he was going to) haha funny pity about the regency windows, I would of fought tooth and nail for them, but they were cheap those people...

don't know his name, but he is smart, and with a wonderful eye. Good guy.

La Bomba  said about 7 years ago:

yeh, he was really trying to akin himself with those too. the olive oil they poured under the stair was a bit tacky, whats going to happen to it in 12 months time, fill fur start growing over the top? i didn't like that bit. the host kept on going on about the place being so St. Martins Lane, what is that about - is it a 'look' coined by St. Martins institution or just a parochial jargon..

Angelic  said about 7 years ago:

haha the olive oil was shockingly bad. and it leaked oh yuk..

yeah those two were old school 'swingers' dude prolly wanted to do a menage a trois. prolly got one too I reckon by the looks of those two.

god they were dirty pigs. that house before they renovated hahaha with their shit everywhere

I liked how he said they are going to have to be careful with what possesions they are going to keep for their new 'tacky' box storage at the front door.

gimp people.

Angelic  said about 7 years ago:

should of faught for the regency windows. prolly add 5 thousand pounds per window to the value of the property.

La Bomba  said about 7 years ago:

i spose thats very brighton though, at least we can give them that. the city were mods and rockers once fought to the death, now the manchester dance scence and fat boy slim has taken over.

Angelic  said about 7 years ago:

haha yeah. was funny watching these aging clubbers try and set up for a quieter life, but hahaha modernist houses and baby's are a stupid mix...hahaha if/when I do the modernist thing, the kids will be older and damn they WILL NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. And I will not buy my retro/update modernist shit from the high street store...

La Bomba  said about 7 years ago:

aaa how about that old couple from surry that bought the Huf Haus, that was ALOT of work and money considering they were like 70 and already lived in a house they they themselves had designed and built and that was critic aclaimed. i like the huf house but not for a million dollars, no way. those german builders were ABSOLUTELY remarkable, they stole the show.

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liamsnice  said about 4 years ago:

Looks as though either the husband or the wife dies during the build.

radiotron  said about 3 years ago:

so watching season 1 again...
wonder how come they revisted the water tower and not the ''co-op build''?
would be facinated to see how that whole co-op shiz panned out?

Lilo  said about 3 years ago:

I'm seriously in love with the tyre house in the most recent episode (on iView). I'm now working out how I can save enough money to buy some land, and how I'm going to acquire enough tyres.

mrmagoo  said about 3 years ago:

love this show

watched a bunch of repeats on Fox yesterday, still get sad seeing the one with the lady who continued on with building her house after her husband died of stomach cancer (during the course of the filming of the show)

rigid  said about 3 years ago:

Can't believe that eco couple bought four acres of wooded land in Brittany for £12,000. Ten years ago, but still.

goingblank  said about 3 years ago:

So many elements of the tyre house looked like they were going to be rubbish, but they turned out really well - apart from those niches in that round room!

Zac  said about 3 years ago:

My girlfriend is planning to buy some land and make one of those tyre houses. It's called an Earth Ship. There's some conference in Melbourne happening in march you can go to for more info.

livingincanada  said about 3 years ago:

sounds interesting. shall watch iView tonight. hurrah!

pollyphonic  said about 3 years ago:

love this show.

love, love, LOVE Kevin

anonymous  said about 3 years ago:

was a two episode special shown in the uk just before christmas about Kev building a housing estate using new-fangled ideas. Watched it the other night, has him on the other side of the fence so to speak.

good times.

anonymous  said about 3 years ago:

theneworphan  said about 3 years ago:

I thnk Kevin's great, but he can be so temperamental.

In Grand Tours, where he loves everything he sees and all is fantastic, it's so great that he's constantly amazed and excited by things – as opposed to being all snooty about people's taste in Grand Designs.

Then on Slumming It, he gets all snooty and petulant when working with some recyclers when they hand him a syringe (plastic, no needle in it, he's wearing gloves) – ''Get it away! I don't want the blasted thing, I don't want it ! – then gives it back to the poor Indian.

I mean, if you know you're working with medical waste and you've been sitting among all this shit for a while and haven't yet been stabbed by a needle, why is a plastic container so much worse than all the rest? Chin up Kev!

anonymous  said about 3 years ago:

isn't that past of the fun? if he was all media savvy/cool calm and collected, it would be boring. The fact he has opinions and emotions and they come out make the shows far better.

theneworphan  said about 3 years ago:

I guess so, but I really enjoyed the one ep of Grand Tours that I saw because he was in a good mood.

His ripping of shitty houses in Grand Designs is great, but he can be a real sook, which is what Slumming It has shown.

steveholt  said about 3 years ago:

New series of Grand Designs starting on Sunday on ABC. Safe to assume these have already been shown on Foxtel?

Bowie  said about 2 years ago:

Ooh I get to go see him on the weekend!

liamsnice  said about 2 years ago:

I never knew he was coming. Sad face.

Bowie  said about 2 years ago:

He was great. He improvised. He talked about risk in design and was funny and natural and it was cool.

anonymous  said about 2 years ago:

It was beatlemania.

Think I saw you there Bowie.

radiotron  said about 2 years ago:

radiotron said about 1 year ago:
so watching season 1 again...
wonder how come they revisted the water tower and not the ''co-op build''?
would be facinated to see how that whole co-op shiz panned out?

ask and ye shall receive
co-op looked surprisingly good

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