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ebay items thread

devo  said about 9 years ago  or at  6:06PM on Tuesday, August 1 2006 in chat

I just purchased a kreator - pleasure to kill T-shirt.

I remeber being 16 and wanting one of these T's so bad but the only one you could get was a very poor quality bootleg, god dammit can't wait till it arrives.

Anyone else buy stuff today?

devo  said about 9 years ago:

Alt text

Mrmusic  said about 9 years ago:

Nirvana/Jesus Lizard picture disc.

WildWilly  said about 9 years ago:

i put my old car stereo on ebay today. wanna buy it devo?

Benji  said about 9 years ago:

Will this be a gig tshirt or kept hermetically sealed devo?? Or a pin on the wall job?

I need to block ebay on my router to stop buying bullshit.

devo  said about 9 years ago:

most car stereo's are too good to put into my XF.

devo  said about 9 years ago:

Oh I'm wearing the fucker as much as possible. I've been having an 80's speed/black/death/thrash metal revival of late. I got a hellhammer T a couple of weeks ago.

WildWilly  said about 9 years ago:

hmm. xf. creator t-shirt.


hwct  said about 9 years ago:

Devo, thats one cool t shirt! going to the Hi Fi Show? My mate bought me a Danzig Skull belt buckle on ebay last week. looking fwd to receiving that.

devo  said about 9 years ago:

*hmm. xf. creator t-shirt.


I'm take up smoking so I can shove my winny blues up my t-shirt sleave.

RoastOxCrisps  said about 9 years ago:

I'd really like an original Optimus Prime. But not much in the way of old-school-non-shit-characters on ebay.

Benji  said about 9 years ago:

Hey Craig were there ever any poobumdickyweemusic tshirts made??

sister  said about 9 years ago:

i'm going to put my ben lexcen skatewing on ebay.

devo  said about 9 years ago:

Hey Craig were there ever any poobumdickyweemusic tshirts made??

unfortunately no. me and jason M wanted em, had the artwork and everything but the other guy's poured cold water on the idea. funnily i was talking to a friend about printing some up and putting em on ebay or sumtink like that.

juicenewton*  said about 9 years ago:

Came home to find 3 parcels on the doorstep (all 1960s tiki mugs).
I bought a dymo labeler this morn, my third in as many days.

But what I really want now is these:

questionmark  said about 9 years ago:

Buy my guitar - listing says local pickup only but am prepared to buy a hard case and ship (at cost).

It is a sweet Fender.

runoutgroove  said about 9 years ago:

Don't you hate it when you see something you've been after for a while (and could have bought for US$10 if the stupid label had added you to their mailing list) and with a couple of days to go it is still reasonably priced at US$9 but with a couple of hours to go blows out to over US$30....

questionmark  said about 9 years ago:

shhh  said about 8 years ago:

10 more minutes and i win the pewter jensen pendant and chain..

i'm getting quite addicted to ebay, it's the first website that has rivalled m&n. problem is the $ involved...

not just a timesink but a hole in the wallet.

juicenewton*  said about 8 years ago:

Strange shy girl I was just looking up this thread to post this frock I just won, isn't it lovely?

cheezel  said about 8 years ago:

i just seen a book on ebay i already own for $1500:)!!!

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steveholt  said about 1 year ago:

Men's shirts and stuff for sale here

seahunt  said about 1 year ago:

steveholt  said about 1 year ago:

It's had the following issues, since purchased new in July 2010
1. Fuel line fell off in dealerships driveway outside the showroom (so we couldn't even take it home!)

Surely that should have sounded some alarm bells.

seahunt  said about 1 year ago:

Yeah - I thought that was well. Incredible.

King_Rat  said about 11 months ago:

Really annoyed, I picked up a music man amp at auction for a lot less than it is worth and then they tell me there's a fault with it. I said I'll take it anyway and get it fixed if they knock some money off it and they refused.

They're foxing and I'm keeping an eye on them as I bet the item goes back in a few weeks.

TheBigShip  said about 11 months ago:

it sucks when this happens on ebay, but it's even worse when it's a music man amp!! i'd be devastated

gusseting  said about 9 months ago:

usrename  said about 7 months ago:

selling a classic Sansui Reverb Amp with plenty of coily goodness: Sansui Reverb Amp - Made In Japan!

seahunt  said about 7 months ago:

I've got a Shure drum mic kit up for grabs. Ends today though.

Tramdriver  said about 7 months ago:

A week ago I bought 3 CDs:
Busdriver - 'Jhelli Beam'
Busdriver - 'Beaus$Eros'
Busdriver - 'Perfect Hair'

joeboy  said about 7 months ago:

Selling some vinyl and CDs on eBay if anyone is keen.

joeboy  said about 6 months ago:

Just loaded up more if anyone is keen.

joeboy  said about 6 months ago:

More books, records and CDs

What a time consuming pain in the arse job..

Still some good stuff in there if anyone is keen

Kez  said about 6 months ago:

Some nice (and some very cheap in bulk bargainz) things there, Joeboy.

joeboy  said about 6 months ago:

thanks kez, doesn't seem to be too much interest thus far.. you can buy them if you like?!

Kez  said about 6 months ago:

Yeahnah. Got enough of what I need already, thanks. But if I was looking I'd be looking. CDs/books will come around again but now's not a great time market-wise, unfortunately. When I was super-poor recently it was sobering to realise the actual value of my physical collection had plummeted in relation to what I'd paid for it in the first place and the esoteric what-it's-worth-to-you 'value' of the contents (that realistically can usually be got for not much dosh and for not much effort these days). But, still, someone's gotta like Hendrix etc and will desire an item that gives pleasure related to this. Good luck with it.

steveholt  said about 3 months ago:

carwashhair  said about 3 months ago:

Anyone here still use minidiscs? got 4 sealed TDK 74min colour MD's if you want em - $10 incl postage to anywhere. pm, otherwise will end up on ebay

Kez  said about 3 months ago:

A friend has some Mustang and old Ford car parts for sale.

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