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stever  said about 7 years ago  or at  2:12PM on Monday, January 14 2008 in music

couldn't find a thread on these guys and they really deserve it. some of the most captivating and entrancing music i've ever heard. super consistent output, too, even through varying styles - earth 2's opiate fuelled drone, pentastar's bombastic riffage, hex's minimalist western. the new album the bees made honey in the lion's skull leaked late last year, and they're rumoured to be touring australia at some point in 2008. wicked.

dylan carlson in europe, 1995

scallywag  said about 7 years ago:

why is he sitting down?

Rock Slut  said about 7 years ago:

fuck yes.

fakemononame  said about 7 years ago:

Are these the guys who had a whole album that was just one song?

Ghostface  said about 7 years ago:

Yep, them and Fantomas

fakemononame  said about 7 years ago:


Yes I remember this band. They were fucking unreal.

stever  said about 7 years ago:

their latest direction (as exhibited on hex, hibernaculum & the bees...) is simply stunning... i always get overwhelming feelings of vastness and desolation listening to these records. not surprising he cited neil young's soundtrack to dead man as an influence. what a comeback - dude does next to nothing for 9 yrs and bam! totally reinvents himself whilst still continuing the styles he pioneered 2 decades earlier. there's a great quote in clark humphrey's loser about his first gigs. will try and dig it up

calico  said about 7 years ago:

spectacular - bees is killer.

hwct  said about 7 years ago:

seldon hunt's documentary on earth in the UK is cool.

stever  said about 7 years ago:

is that the one that came with hibernaculum? i got the lp so i'm yet to see it... drat

hwct  said about 7 years ago:

yeah thats the one stever. might be some clips on youtube to tide you over...

hardtop  said about 7 years ago:

earth has helped me live my life with enjoyment.

Snake  said about 7 years ago:

fakemononame said yesterday: Are these the guys who had a whole album that was just one song?

Sleep also had an album that was just one song.

stever  said about 7 years ago:

droppppp ouuuut offf liiiiiiiiyyyyyyyfe with bonnnng iinurrrrrrrrrr haaaaaaaaaaand

Warsaw  said about 7 years ago:

are they definately coming to australia? anyone know when roughly?

hwct  said about 7 years ago:

just rumours

stever  said about 7 years ago:

yeah, unfortunately nothing solid yet. this new album is simply amazing. it seems almost alive compared to hex.. not so desolate and barren; almost like a throbbing organism.

aaaron  said about 7 years ago:

Snake said 3 days ago:

fakemononame said yesterday: Are these the guys who had a whole album that was just one song?

uhhh is this like some unheard of concept for you or something?

slazza  said about 4 years ago:

New Album - Angels Of Darkness

Hellzapoppin  said about 4 years ago:

Sweet.. I'll be downloading that tonight!

mrmagoo  said about 4 years ago:

has it leaked?

turkey_sandwich  said about 4 years ago:

what a band! i wouldn't mind if they upped the aggression a bit on this one, not that i don't absolutely love everything they've done..
hex may even be my favourite of theirs.

turkey_sandwich  said about 4 years ago:

an oz tour would be a must-see event.

DickDunn  said about 3 years ago:

Playing at the Zoo on September 13th apparently, anyone know any other dates?

Pelt and/or Holler  said about 3 years ago:

fuck. am going to be out of the country then.

LeRayonVert  said about 3 years ago:

More info please!
Adelaide is probably too much to hope for so I need to find out when I'm going to Sydney &/or Melbourne for this.

sci_fi  said about 3 years ago:

From whence comes this info DickDunn?

Zac  said about 3 years ago:

They posted this on their facebook on April 12:

''Just started to lock in dates for Japan, Australia and a full USA tour! Get Ready!''

Early to mid September.

strangecousin  said about 3 years ago:

June, July seems more likely if they're playing at this

firewitch  said about 3 years ago:

Ha ha!

Oh man I think i'm gonna miss EARTH in september by like 2 or 3 days

Brian O'Dwyer  said about 3 years ago:

ha haha, how good would cleanoff then earth be... genius!

DickDunn  said about 3 years ago:

Rosemount, Perth September 15

liamsnice  said about 3 years ago:

Melbourne shows?

Ralph Malph  said about 3 years ago:

Earth play The Toff In Town on Wednesday September 12 and the Corner Hotel on Sunday September 16.

bumhead  said about 3 years ago:


Saturday 8th Sept – The Kings Arms, Auckland

Sunday 9th Sept – The Zoo, Brisbane

Thursday 13th Sept – Hi Fi, Sydney

Friday 14th Sept – Fowlers Live, Adelaide

Saturday 15th Sept – The Rosemount Hotel, Perth

Sunday 16th Sept – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Ghostface  said about 3 years ago:

shit yo

strangecousin  said about 3 years ago:

Any word on supports yet. Heathen skulls have a pretty good record for double bills.

liamsnice  said about 3 years ago:

Margins are supporting at least 1 of these shows.

losgauchos  said about 3 years ago:

Didn't Dylan Carlson buy Kurt Cobain THAT gun?

toadphoney  said about 3 years ago:

What happened to wind and fire? Was there some kind of internal band dispute like in Charles and Eddie?

Ralph Malph  said about 2 years ago:

Enjoyed last night, and had a chat to Dylan and Adrienne who I can report are enjoying their tour so far which would be good news to Heathen Skulls. Rob even took them on a rock tour of St.Kilda yesterday which went down a treat, to see the old Crystal Ballroom was a highlight. Adrienne's knowledge of the Melbourne Music scene is remarkable, and said that this was the only town they would jump at a chance for a guided tour.

statsbot  said about 2 years ago:

We enjoyed tonight's gig at the Corner. Mrs. Bot said she would have liked to have had a beanbag to sit in.

kazpatafta  said about 2 years ago:

Agreed on the beanbag.

Is it just me and my awful hearing or are gigs at the Corner always not loud enough? Thought it could have been turned up a fair few notches last night

auntychrist  said about 2 years ago:

I think Earth did seem a little quiet, especially compared to Bonnie's set.

Did they play much more after the song with the ''medley''? I had to leave midway through that.

Carbie  said about 2 years ago:

Seattle's Drone Doom outfit, Earth performing ''The Bees Made Honey In t]The Lion's Skull''.
Dylan Carlson says, ''this is about the four of us and a fucked up place. It's called Tallahassee''.
''Ouroboros Is Broken''!
One of the standout numbers from Earth's epic Drone Doom performance with Seattle legend, Dylan Carlson on guitar.
The final encore from Earth last night at The Corner Hotel. ㋡

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