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peter hook...

astralwerkor  said about 8 years ago  or at  2:36PM on Wednesday, October 4 2006 in music

looks pretty old in photos from parklife on the jjj website. pretty old indeed.

PumpUpTheHam  said about 8 years ago:

that's because he is old

astralwerkor  said about 8 years ago:

really? jeez, i wouldnt have guessed it.... FFS, i was making the observation even given his age, he looks fairly past it.

Eple  said about 8 years ago:

he may be old but he's set was too much fun on Sunday.
Plenty of JD and NO.

Tango Whiskeyman  said about 8 years ago:

I laughed very loudly when reading about Andy Rourke (bass player in the smiths), recently teaming up with Peter Hook in a three piece bass group called "free bass". Very Spinal Tap. Don't know who the third bass player was.

Tango Whiskeyman  said about 8 years ago:

Just googled it and found the third member is mani from The Stone Roses. "It was just one drunken night and I floated the idea. And basically what gave me the most impetus was that everyone laughed! Three bass players on an album! Everyone absolutely pissed themselves" P. Hook. Perhaps my response is what they're going for!

HEB  said about 8 years ago:

There was a thread on ye olde M&N

New Order, Smiths And Stone Roses To Collaborate!

Well, sort of. New Order’s Peter Hook has revealed that the three bands’ respective bass player’s ‘Freebass’ project is now in progress. They’re just looking for a singer to fill some sizeable shoes…

Speaking to Filter magazine, Hook has spoken about his supergroup featuring himself, Mani (Stone Roses, Primal Scream) and Andy Rourke (The Smiths) all on bass. “It’s going to be a ‘live’,” Hook revealed. “The interesting thing about Freebass is that Mani and I are very much live-based. It seems obvious really that we’d get together. Whether that bodes trouble or not, I don’t know. It was just one drunken night and I floated the idea. And basically what gave me the most impetus was that everyone laughed. Three bass players on an album - Everyone absolutely pissed themselves. All of the songs - and they are songs at the moment minus vocals - they all have three basses. Mani does the low part, Andy Rourke in the middle and I do the high bit…it works out quite well.”

The New Order bass player went on to hint that it may not be long before the fruits of their labours may become public. Just as soon as they find a frontman, “We have about 19 ideas,” he continued, “Twelve of them are ready for vocals. We’ve had a problem finding a vocalist. I think the problem is that the three of us have such a pedigree of vocalist, that if we come out with someone that’s not good we’ll obviously be slated! You’ve got Ian Brown, bloody Bobby Gillespie, Ian Curtis, Bernard (Sumner) and Morrissey. Those are big shoes to fill, especially collectively. We want someone young with something to say. Someone new. We don’t to be some kind of rock supergroup for the sake of being a supergroup. Every time I see Pop Idol or X-Factor, I chuckle and think maybe we need to do this. [Call it] Miserable Factor. Let’s see who can get the most miserable single!”

HEB  said about 8 years ago:

Here's the full Peter Hook interview from Filter Magazine

luke  said about 5 years ago:

There's an add on messandnoise which says ''Peter Hook and Friends'' will be performing unknown pleasures across Australia in september.

timewaster  said about 5 years ago:

Phew. WHen I saw this thread, I thought he was dead.

Peter Hook's young. But he's fat and rock legends tend to die in their 60s

Texaco  said about 5 years ago:

...still wanna know who the ''friends'' are before I'd consider that Unknown Pleasures thing.

HEB  said about 5 years ago:

If it's anything like what he did in Manchester, he sings and his son plays bass.
Barney and Stephen are busy covering JD/NO with Bad Loo

Here are the details of the tour - tickets around $80

Manc show was £19.99 and this is what they played
At A Later Date
No Love Lost
Leaders Of Men

Day Of The Lords
New Dawn Fades
She's Lost Control
I Remember Nothing

Love Will Tear Us Apart

djbollocks  said about 5 years ago:

unless these are his friends I wouldn't be interested.

__v  said about 5 years ago:

to watch peter hook perform unknown pleasures YET NOT PLAY BASS is a singularly unappealing proposition

the joy division tracks played on the last NO tour will do me


LaxCharisma  said about 5 years ago:

PEter Hook NOT playing bass...yeah...nah. I'm just watching NO doing JD songs from Reading in '98 at the moment. I think I'll happily leave it at that.

ocelotl  said about 5 years ago:

Fuckin' kidding... him playing bass is the only thing that made me think I might consider this.

__v  said about 5 years ago:

there is some excellent work happening along the cream->beige spectrum in that NO pic above

LaxCharisma  said about 5 years ago:

ocelotl said 4 minutes ago:
Fuckin' kidding... him playing bass is the only thing that made me think I might consider this.

Aww c'mon. I hear he has a really great personality. Hahahah...

zeroman  said about 5 years ago:

Seems kind of an insult to Ian's memory to have the fucking bass player singing.

Texaco  said about 5 years ago:

Yeah, New Order doing Love Will Tear Us Apart at BDO will do me. This wreeks of money-grabbing to me. No fucking way thank you!

devines  said about 5 years ago:

hmm yeah, not sold on it.

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ocelotl  said about 3 years ago:

Now he can start massacring the early New Order catalogue...or he could just rejoin his old band mates and stick to bass.

Orrrr he could go for maximum piss-off and record/perform as the alternate-universe Joy Division that would have been if Ian had stayed around. He can make up whole new albums! Without those other fuckers!

Kit  said about 3 years ago:

He already did that, put a couple of ''newly-completed'' JD songs on a The Light EP

ocelotl  said about 3 years ago:

Hmm see this visionary is way ahead of me.

HEB  said about 3 years ago:

He not coming - at least for now

electricsound  said about 3 years ago:

oh noes

mirkheim  said about 3 years ago:

Wondering how long it is before he legally changes his name to ''joy division''

pfinger18  said about 2 years ago:

spaceman1  said about 2 years ago:

Because that sunkist ad wasn't selling out. Dickhead.

zombo  said about 2 years ago:

yeah i really don't get why these past-it band guys love to bring the press into all their feuds. surely they could just ring up and call each other a wanker and not involve the entire world

Ralph Malph  said about 10 months ago:

Guess who is coming to The Corner on February 21st to perform (?) New Order songs?

electricsound  said about 10 months ago:

fuck this guy

losgauchos  said about 10 months ago:

This saga is hilarious. Bass player cracks it and quits band, his massively inflated sense of self and an oversized ego makes him think New Order can't possibly continue without him. Bass players who don't sing are the second most replaceable member after the drummer. Even Pixies and Pink Floyd whose bass players did sing and write managed to continue with some semblance of credibly after they quit.

So Barney, Morris, Gillian, 3/4ths of the oringial band which includes the singer, and long time NO/BL collaberator Phil Cunningham want to cash in and play nostaglia shows and put out a few new albums for die hard fans. Good on them. Hooky massacring Joy Division and New Order albums with his annoying singing is sad, he should just bite the bullet and rejoin NO. Although I doubt the other 3 would have him back. And whatever happened to Freebass? 3 bass players riffing off each other, what a shit concept.

ocelotl  said about 10 months ago:

I saw Barney has released an autobiography, first thing I did was head to the closing chapters for his take on Hooky. The saga went on a bit long to read it all in the bookshop, but the closing remark was along the lines of ''judge him not by what he says, but what he does''. No way they'd have him back now.

losgauchos  said about 10 months ago:

It's a shame as their noughties albums (especially Get Ready) were actually a return to form, something most bands fail miserably at. Hooky seemed intent on ending the band during its second prime so he could push his shit solo projects only to go back to th DJ ande nostalgia circuit destroying classic albums when Barney has forged ahead and attempted to keep NO relevant.

Kit  said about 10 months ago:

Barney slapped the NO name on his new band for sales reasons and continues to play the hits. No value judgement on that, but it's hardly ''forging ahead'' or ''keeping NO relevant.''

Goodbyetonsils  said about 10 months ago:

I think both Sumner and Hook are acting like petulant children. NO ‘were’ a band I held close to my heart, Power, Corruption and Lies is my all time favourite album, which for a music collector / obsessive for over 30 years is a big call. Hooky wasn’t just a bass player, he was the heart and soul of the band, even when he was acting like a complete twat. Take away his unique bass playing contributions to NO what do you end up with... fucking Bad Lieutenant.

NO stopped being relevant a long time ago. Shame.

TheBigShip  said about 10 months ago:

well said GBT, i agree with all of that. it's getting sadder by the minute. i saw the last tour that didnt have Hooky, and it was just weird without him there. Every time the bass solo came in for whatever song (because they all have killer hooky bass solos) i started to cheer as i usually did, but then stopped as it felt weird shouting out props for a dude doing a Hooky impersonation.

goingblank  said about 10 months ago:

Bass players who don't sing are the second most replaceable member after the drummer.

This is way off the mark in the case of New Order - Hook and Morris are the most crucial players. Also, Hook did sing - Dreams Never End is easily in the top three New Order songs.

electricsound  said about 10 months ago:

dude might be a windbaggy egomaniac but he is less replaceable than most

Urquhart Bluff  said about 5 months ago:

Joy Division - An Ideal For Living (7'', EP)
Media : Near Mint (NM or M-)
Sleeve : Near Mint (NM or M-)
Seller riistetyt
100.0%, 5 ratings
Ships From: United States
Comments: One of the rarest 1st Wave punk Records impossible to find in this condition i had it autographed by peter hook (documented)

Surely it's now devalued with Peter Hook's scrawl on it.

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