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Dan_Crad  said about 4 years ago  or at  12:56PM on Friday, June 24 2011 in music

Looks fun, anyone have an account yet?

Only available by invite via Facebook so far (to manage demand).

tinyman  said about 4 years ago:

Aw, dafsffs.

Dan_Crad  said about 4 years ago:


It's not my fault Arthurly spelt it wrong!

tinyman  said about 4 years ago:

Hehe. :-)

cubapubic  said about 4 years ago:

Knifeyard is on there. He's in the dubstep room.

knifey  said about 4 years ago:


No-one outside of the USA is on there any more, as they have run head first into the labels.

''We're very sorry, but while we would love to let you in and rock out with us, we need to currently restrict turntable access to only the United States due to licensing constraints.

We are working very hard to try and get you in as soon as possible.

If you believe this is a mistake and you are located in the United States, please e-mail help [at sign] turntable dot fm

Again, sorry, and we hope to see you soon.

Billy Chasen
CEO ''

...Really sad about this, as it was an amazing way to hear/share new tracks and create communities based on shared musical interests.

Plus, I've lost all my points and fans! Wah!

nishiki  said about 4 years ago:


knifey  said about 4 years ago:


LoadMyRig  said about 4 years ago:

holy fuck! knifey!

knifey  said about 4 years ago:

Holy fuck! Hello lovely!

knifey  said about 4 years ago:

Word is it is not accessible through some proxys like Hotspot Shield from Anchor Free?

I haven't tried it yet though...

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