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Killing Time

jimmy hutspah  said about 3 years ago  or at  10:07PM on Wednesday, December 7 2011 in television

anyone seen this? the story of Andrew Fraser - dodgy Melbourne lawyer to the underworld stars: Dennis Allen/Victor Pierce/Kath Pettingill, Lewis Moran et al.
excellent television. up there with Blue Murder if you ask me. Tells the story of the 80's collingwood/richmond crims pretty well (with much flair, and more than a little dramatic license). big focus on the walsh street killings and trials.
David Wenham is a force in it.

busby  said about 3 years ago:


Enjoying it

Well written and acted

No tits though

whatwhat  said about 3 years ago:

finished watching the series.

gee it was good.

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