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Alright  said about 8 years ago  or at  5:57PM on Thursday, March 15 2007 in chat

i rekon it would be really hard to be a photographer and not be a wanker.

anonymous  said about 8 years ago:

nah, they're alright.

Alright  said about 8 years ago:

i see im gonna regret this username...

davethescot  said about 8 years ago:

what are you basing this arguement on?

Alright  said about 8 years ago:

well it looks wanky dont it

fever  said about 8 years ago:

Most of them are wankers.

Footmaize  said about 8 years ago:

gotta be a wanker to be in the arts full stop.

webrokethefan  said about 8 years ago:

... some do take very pretty photos though.

MidnightMinnie  said about 8 years ago:

Yeah it's true. Most are wankers. But they do tend to be arty, urban, fashionable, gay-ish guys... I dont think they stand much chance of NOT being a sourpuss wanker...

Kristy  said about 8 years ago:

I'm not a wanker, i'm lovely!

tvforcats  said about 8 years ago:

> I'm not a wanker, i'm lovely! >

Your non replyance of emails and messages didnt paint me a good picture........

Kristy  said about 8 years ago:

i replied to all messages.

shhh  said about 8 years ago:

i disagree with the opening supposition. most professional photographers i have come across seem just really focused (forgive me) on what they're doing rather than playing at any wanky roles. they usually seem pretty quiet and modest and really nice people. at the end of the day the pictures show it all up - they've got to know what they're doing and be paying attention to come up with the goods, not just trying to look the part, whatever that might be.

tvforcats  said about 8 years ago:

You expressed interest about 5 months ago to put some photos/art up at the afterdark in Feb, I emailed and messaged you, but you never replied.

Kristy  said about 8 years ago:

i did message you back... i certainly didnt/dont have enough work for an exhibition, i was trying to get a feel for some spaces.
...this should be a PM but i'm really sorry if you felt screwed around.

bees're bees  said about 8 years ago:

This thread is soooo bull. I was dating a photographer guy and not only was he lovely and humble but all that shutter fingering and focus ring twisting must have done him some good - he was absolutely STUNNING in the sac!

Alright  said about 8 years ago:

bees. you are gross.

Benji  said about 8 years ago:

I've met a lot of photographers, and yes there are wankers, but the successful (read:paid) ones are the most pragmattic you'll ever come across. These are the same people who shoot supermodels/fashion product. Conversely, the fluffy esoteric coolsie photographers I've met have been students or dreamers.

By the way, Kristy, what's a good short focal length (10-20) lense you could recommend for my D80??

PelicanGodOfJupiter  said about 8 years ago:

Ha, I completely agree with the initial statement in this thread.

TimChuma  said about 8 years ago:

If nothing else, these threads serve for people to out themselves as dickheads...

Alright  said about 8 years ago:

whats yr point chuma?

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k2  said about 1 year ago:

^ I call that Tram II

Is anyone using a mirrorless camera as their main camera now? Seems like this is the way all camera's will go eventually. Thinking about a Sony NEX-7. The idea of the same image quality as an APS-C DSLR without the hassle seems great.

k2  said about 1 year ago:

For example:

Sony has announced the A7 and A7R - the world's first consumer-oriented full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. Externally, the two bodies are nearly identical and feature a pentaprism-like EVF housing, generous handgrip and plenty of manual controls. The differences are internal - sporting a 36 megapixel sensor, the A7R has no optical low-pass filter and is limited to contrast-detect autofocus, while the less expensive A7 has a 24 megapixel sensor with a low-pass filter and on-chip phase detection. Both bodies are designed around the Sony NEX E-mount, though new 'FE' lenses are needed to take advantage of the larger sensor. They also feature a new BIONZ X processor, XGA OLED 'Tru-finder', 3-inch LCD, Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC, and 60p video recording.

Existing lenses for Sony's NEX range of APS-C mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras will mount and work as expected, though the scene will be cropped (though Sony gives you the option not to do so if you can live with some inevitable vignetting). Sony Alpha lenses can also be mounted via either the LA-EA3 or LA-EA4, the latter of which includes SLT autofocus technology. See our first impressions report for more.

The A7 will be sold in a body-only kit for $1699 or with a new 28-70 F3.5-5.6 OSS lens for $1999. The A7R is not bundled with a lens, and is priced at $2299. Both cameras are expected to ship in December.

Full frame, 36 megapixel, zeiss glass available, on par with a Nikon D800, but in a MUCH smaller package. Amazing.

shiroineko  said about 1 year ago:

^Much more sleek than a DSLR

Also, anyone here buy monographs? Favorites/reccomendations? I've been enjoying Imogen Cunningham's book 'Flora'. As the title suggests it's her still-life, botanical work:

k2  said about 1 year ago:

Took this one recently. I like it.

k2  said about 1 year ago:

(right-click, view image)

k2  said about 1 year ago:

No-one is posting photos in this thread anymore but I dont care.

k2  said about 1 year ago:

k2  said about 1 year ago:

k2  said about 1 year ago:

poprocks96  said about 1 year ago:

Love that last one, k2!

k2  said about 1 year ago:


goldfoot  said about 1 year ago:

Snap! Taken at the Easter Show last year.

goldfoot  said about 1 year ago:

k2  said about 1 year ago:

ha! cool pic :)

kelele  said about 1 year ago:

hey k2, sorry if this is mentioned upthread but what camera did you use ? They look incredible!

k2  said about 1 year ago:

Actually all the photos I have posted in this thread up until and including the Japanese girls were from my old Canon 20D with a 17-85mm f/4-5.6.

The ones I posted tonight are from my new camera - Canon 6D, with 24-105mm f/4L. The new camera is full frame, so a much bigger image sensor, plus decent glass.

I honestly think though, that the least important part of taking a photo is the camera. I have some amazing shots from my mobile phone.

k2  said about 1 year ago:

Hard rubbish.

black wasp!  said about 1 year ago:

This is a really great read about Pulitzer winning photojournalist Tyler Hicks, over at NPR. I can't help feeling like he's in massive denial about the trauma he's witnessed and been through himself, though.

davewell  said about 1 year ago:

Some incredible images of Melbourne's western suburbs captured by local photographer Warren Kirk;

davewell  said about 1 year ago:

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