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Official Spiritualized thread

ProDelgado  said about 9 years ago  or at  7:10AM on Friday, July 21 2006 in music news


Spiritualized star hits comeback trail
Jason Pierce heads out on acoustic tour

Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce is to go on an acoustic tour of the UK this autumn.

The dates will showcase songs from the forthcoming new Spiritualized album. Pierce will be accompanied on all dates by a string quartet, gospel singers and Spiritualized guitarist Doggen. Pierce will also play some covers and back catalogue classics, including Spacemen 3 songs.

Pierce, going under the name Jason Spaceman, has now recovered from the serious illness which halted work on the follow-up to 2003's 'Amazing Grace' . He described the new material, due for release in early 2007, as being "the work of the devil......with a little guidance from me".

The dates are at:

Salisbury Arts Centre (October 20)
Brighton Komedia (22)
London Queen Elizabeth Hall (23)
Colchester Arts Centre (24)
Leicester The Y (25)
Kendal Brewery Arts Centre (November 22)
Gateshead Sage (23)
Manchester Lowry (24)
Edinburgh Queen's Hall (25)

number none  said about 9 years ago:

Spiritualized acoustic. Now that would be something to hear/see.
I stupidly haven't listened to nearly enough of this band.

ProDelgado  said about 9 years ago:

I get to see them at this place again;

The Sage

ProDelgado  said about 9 years ago:

Or indeed here;


ProDelgado  said about 9 years ago:

He's calling the tour "Acoustic Mainline".

Vikinggod  said about 9 years ago:

That's great!!!

Vikinggod  said about 9 years ago:

And British!!

ProDelgado  said about 9 years ago:

You should come over for it Vikinggod...very few opportunities to see the Spaceman doing acoustic stuff...

Vikinggod  said about 9 years ago:

Let me think...

I don't have a job to go to... so maybe.

ProDelgado  said about 9 years ago:

£15 for the gig ticket...gigs aren't til October and November...

shakethecloudsout  said about 9 years ago:

damn, thats sounds pretty chill. i can't wait for the new album.

TransientRandom  said about 9 years ago:

i'm glad he's up and about. it would be sad if jason was a vegetable and sonic was mental. at least one of them is in the human realm.

if they tour again i'm seriously following them round the country!! (provided the strobe light comes with them)

seamonkeydisco  said about 9 years ago:

what happened to sonic??????

TransientRandom  said about 9 years ago:

drugs, past and present.

send him an email and say hi!

seamonkeydisco  said about 9 years ago:

is he actaully a vegetable? or just depressed and fucked up

TransientRandom  said about 9 years ago:

oh no! i was exaggerating in my initial post! i meant jason being in a coma or whatever - i think he was the one in danger of turning into a vegetable. from all accounts, sonic seems to be having a merry old time, but he doesn't make much sense! i know a couple of people on here who have had correspondence with him, and some friends gave him a call whilst in the UK - apparently he just rambled for 10 minutes and they couldn't make head nor tail of it. he's seems an eccentric fellow who likes his party favours.

ProDelgado  said about 9 years ago:

Got my tickets for the Sage.


shaun  said about 8 years ago:

Favourite Spiritualized song anyone?

Anything More is mine, followed by Lord Let it Rain On Me.

filterfeed  said about 8 years ago:

ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space...the elvis (?) version all the more than the album one.

tenrapid  said about 8 years ago:

I may not agree on your taste in footy teams, filterfeed, but I'm with you on "ladies and gentlemen"... that "I don't belieeeeve... I could still fall in love with you" gets me every time. that metro show was pretty incredible.

ichabod  said about 8 years ago:

Spiritualized in 2004 at the POW in Melbourne rates as one of the best gigs I've ever been to. Jason said about three words to the crowd, sat on a stool with his back to us but still had everyone captivated for 2 hours. And the strobes, oh the strobes.

Great news he's going on tour.

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VelvetDogge  said about 2 years ago:

It took shambolic to the point of being almost pantomime, with the tubby guitar tech buzzing around. Shame. Certainly made for some stripped-back stuff. At one point when the backing vocals kicked in I got this wave of shivers. Been a while since I got that. Some awesome bits. Nothing may ever top the show at the prince the first time they ever toured here.

illywhacker  said about 2 years ago:

I was particularly annoyed when the guitar fucked up during 'A Song'. Awesome track.

BigBoysSocks  said about 2 years ago:


stirfry  said about 2 years ago:

Worst moment was the ending to electricity, when the guitar died right when the squalling feedback was cutting loose and sounding incredible and deafening. That was when a dude near me yelled repeatedly, ''AAAAANNNN ATROCITY..''

illywhacker  said about 2 years ago:

We were right near him too. What a tool. Hardly the band's fault that equipment was failing.

bigdaddykane  said about 2 years ago:

Yeah, but fuck, move on, stop sooking and just plug directly into yr amp.

The first song was epic, the next 5 were great but then all that standing around got a bit too much to bear. If yr going to Meredith, make sure you don't miss the first song.

VelvetDogge  said about 2 years ago:

i've always found that live they are even better than the recordings, but it's nothing to do with showmanship.

illywhacker  said about 2 years ago:

tugboat  said about 2 years ago:

Captain Oblivious  said about 2 years ago:

I really really enjoyed the Hi Fi show, despite the technical issues. It semed that the band were a little bit more determined to raise it. Set mix was brilliant, no-one does tension and release better. And it was very cool to see Bobby G in the crowd and lining up out the front of the venue with all the other punters waiting to get in. Way to keep it real, man. And hope the lady that looked like she was having a seizure was OK.

bigdaddykane  said about 2 years ago:

I sat in the toilet the entire show. Was quite comfy, and wasn't too loud.

bigdaddykane  said about 2 years ago:

Also, I think Bobby G got knocked back by security and rather than do all the ol' ''don't-you-know-who-I-am'' deal, chose not to cause a scene.

illywhacker  said about 2 years ago:


Eple  said about 2 years ago:

pure phase tones for djs - just heard a track from this? does anyone have it?

Kit  said about 2 years ago:

mrmagoo  said about 4 months ago:

At Splendour, only Aus show

moke  said about 4 months ago:

Never understood how that can be financially viable for a band. Are Splendour paying them enough that it's worth their while?

mrmagoo  said about 4 months ago:

And realistically I don't think Spiritualized are that big a draw to have them exclusive

It's total bullshit

bigdaddykane  said about 4 months ago:

Maybe they're flying direct from Fuji and then back again?

spaceman1  said about 4 months ago:


This would be just what the doctor ordered.

I found the last Melb show a little lack-lustre in comparison to '09 at Hi Fi (or whenever it was). That one was transcendental.

Really want to see Spaceman again.

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