Readers Poll 2011: The Shame Cauldron Decides Pt 2

[Yesterday](/articles/4393397), we revealed your picks for Biggest Controversy, Best Comeback, Best New-Ish Act, Best Live Act, Best Reissue/Retrospective and Best ?Indie? Label. Today, it’s your Top 50 albums of the year.

1. Royal Headache
[Royal Headache](/releases/2000931)
(R.I.P Society)

Some may call this voting with your feet. For others it’s redemption. Either way, few moderately negative reviews have received as much conjecture as our take on Royal Headache*?s self-titled debut, which our reviewer described as a ?movement with a message, and a rather mundane one at that?. On the basis of this poll, the backlash was unanimous: in a vintage year for local music, *Royal Headache comfortably topped the Best Album category ahead of stellar releases by Twerps, Adalita, Total Control, HTRK and Harmony. (They also placed second behind poll-masters Wagons in the Best Live act category, while they no doubt played a huge role in helping their Sydney-based label R.I.P Society take out our inaugural Best ?Indie? Label of 2011).

Recorded and mixed by a garage-rock dream-team of Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control) and Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows), Royal Headache is sincere, love-struck garage-soul at its best. It features ?Girls? and ?Surprise? from last year’s [debut 7?](/releases/2000567), and ?Really In Love?, a Cee Lo Green/Buzzcocks hybrid, which came in at number nine in our top 20 [Tracks of the Year](/articles/4389357). – Darren Levin

2. Twerps
(Chapter Music)

Twerps – Dreamin by ChapterMusic

3. Adalita

Jewel Thief by Adalita

4. Total Control
[Henge Beat](/releases/2000921)
(Iron Lung/Fuse)

One More Tonight by Total Control

5. Gotye
[Making Mirrors](/releases/2000933)

Easy Way Out by Gotye

6. Dick Diver
[New Start Again](/releases/2000956)
(Chapter Music)

Dick Diver – Through the D by ChapterMusic

[Work (work, work)](/releases/2000955)

HTRK – Bendin’ by ghostly

8. UV Race

UV RACE – HOMO by tonyclifton III

9. Wagons
Rumble, Shake And Tumble

I Blew It by WagonsMusic

10. Harmony
(Casadeldisco/Other Tongues)

09 Heartache by Solar/Sonar Records

11. Witch Hats
[Pleasure Syndrome](/releases/2000959)
(Longtime Listener)

Hear Martin by witchhats

12. Cut Copy

Cut Copy – Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution by modularpeople

13. Lost Animal
[Ex Tropical](/releases/2000951)
(Sensory Projects)

Lose The Baby by Lost Animal

14. The Middle East
[I Want That You Are Always Happy](/releases/2000852)

Jesus Came To My Birthday Party by tmemusic

15. An Horse
(Mom+Pop, Shock)

An Horse – Dressed Sharply by anhorse

16. Seekae
(Rice Is Nice/Popfrenzy)

Seekae – Gnor by othertongues

17. YIS
[Kingdom Of Fuzz](/releases/2000880)

“(I Feel) Repulsed” by YIS by yisyisyis

18. Oscar + Martin
[For You](/releases/2000858)
(Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control)

Oscar + Martin – What I Know by twobrightlakes

19. The Jezabels

The Jezabels – Endless Summer by thejezabels

20. Jack Ladder And The Dreamlanders

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders – ‘Cold Feet’ by Jack Ladder

21. Ben Salter
[The Cat](/releases/2000912)
(MGM Distribution)

02 – Ben Salter – The Coward by bluebeard

22. Geoffrey O’Connor
[Vanity Is Forever](/releases/2000962)

Geoffrey O’Connor – Whatever Leads Me To You by ChapterMusic

23. Architecture In Helsinki
[Moment Bends](/releases/2000850)

Contact High by Architecture In Helsinki

24. Kimbra

Cameo Lover by Kimbra

25. Big Scary

Mix Tape by bigscary

26. Kitchen’s Floor
[Look Forward To Nothing](/releases/2000953)
(Bedroom Suck)

KITCHEN’S FLOOR – 116 by bedroomsuck

27. The Grates
[Secret Rituals](/releases/2000895)
(Dew Process)

The Grates – Turn Me On by Goltzman*

28. Seeker Lover Keeper
[Seeker Lover Keeper](/releases/2000885)
(Dew Process)

Seeker Lover Keeper – Even Though I’m A Woman by dewprocess

29. Collarbones
(Two Bright Lakes)

Collarbones – Don Juan by Shapolean

30. Teeth & Tongue
(Dot Dash/Remote Control)

Unfamiliar Skirts by Teeth & Tongue

31. Eagle And The Worm
[Good Times](/releases/2000897)

Eagle and the Worm – All i Know by Eagle and the Worm Music

32. Boy & Bear

Boy & Bear- Feeding Line by MMMusic

33. Slug Guts
[Howlin? Gang](/releases/2000864)
(Sacred Bones)

Slug Guts – Howlin’ by sacredbones

34. No Anchor
[Real Pain Supernova](/releases/2000882)

Dead Pony by No Anchor

35. The Vasco Era
[The Vasco Era](/releases/2000957)

The Vasco Era – Child Bearing Hips by engininja

36. Oh Mercy
[Great Barrier Grief](/releases/2000859)

Oh Mercy – Stay, Please Stay by PacSunMusic

37. Batrider
[Piles Of Lies](/releases/2000899)
(Two Bright Lakes/Inertia)

Batrider – Piles of Lies by twobrightlakes

38. Holly Throsby

Holly Throsby – What I Thought of You by SpunkRecords

39. Laura Jean
[A Fool Who’ll](/releases/2000941)

Missing you by Laura Jean

40. Ball Park Music
[Happiness And Surrounding Suburbs](/releases/2000944)

Ball Park Music – It’s Nice To Be Alive by theinsound

41. Abbe May
[Design Desire](/releases/2000903)

Taurus Chorus – Abbe May by sgcmedia

42. Lanie Lane
[To The Horses](/releases/2000949)
(Ivy League)

Bang Bang by Lanie Lane

43. Snowman
(Dot Dash/Remote Control)

Hyena by Joe McKee

44. Pets With Pets
[Saturday Aquatic Pixie Acid](/releases/2000848)
(Sensory Projects)

Pets With Pets – Pixie Child by sensoryprojects10

45. Alps
[Alps Of New South Wails](/releases/2000831)
(Past Futures)

Alps – I Get So High by Zeugolator

46. Leader Cheetah
[Lotus Skies](/news/4260763)

Leader Cheetah – Our Love by theinsound

47. Richard In Your Mind
(Rice Is Nice)

Richard In Your Mind – Vision by FBi Radio

48. Little John
Put Your Hands On Me

Wolves by Little John Aust

49. Little Scout
[Take Your Light](/releases/2000915)
(MGM Distribution)

DEAD LOSS by LittleScout

50. Mike Noga
[The Balladeer Hunter](/releases/2000866)
(Other Tongues)

M’Belle by Mike Noga


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