2012: The Year Ahead

We look ahead at the first six months of 2012 – from new releases by the Dirty Three and Aleks & The Ramps to the long-awaited Catcall debut. The list below is likely to fluctuate and is by no means exhaustive, so feel free to add any omissions in the comments section below. (If we’re in a good mood we might even put them up.)


Woollen Kits: Debut self-titled album. Out now through R.I.P Society. Described by M+N as [?one single, ringing revelation?](/releases/2000986).

Jonti: Sine & Moon* LP. A collection of early material recorded at home on a 4-track. Album out now as a [free download](http://stonesthrow.com/downloads/jontisineandmoonalbum.zip) via Stones Throw. Another album, *Tokorats* – a companion piece to last year’s *[Twirligig](/releases/2000979) – will be out in the first quarter of 2012.

Martyr Privates: Debut 7? for new project featuring Cam Hawes (ex-I Heart Hiroshima). Out through Bon Voyage on January 28.

Steve Smyth: Release LP. Debut album for ?hirsute and dapper young? troubadour. Features guest vocals by Howling Bells? Juanita Stein. Out January 27 through Shock.

Scale Models: Self-titled debut for the Melbourne indie-pop four-piece featuring M+N contributor Rene Schaefer. Recorded by James Alexander Dean. Out independently on January 28 as a limited edition (200 copies), handprinted CD.

Yes I’m Leaving: Nothing CD. Second self-recorded album for garage/grunge Sydney outfit. Out now through Tenzenmen.

Untitled by yesimleaving


The Dirty Three: Toward The Low Sun* LP. : First album for the Melbourne-Paris-Brooklyn trio (Warren Ellis, Jim White and Mick Turner) since 2005’s *Cinder. Out February 24 through Anchor & Hope/Remote Control.

Dirty Three – “Rising Below” by CHARTattack

Aleks & The Ramps: FACTS* LP. Third album for the Melbourne-based five-piece. Follows 2009?s *[Midnight Believer](/releases/2000306). Out February 14 through Gaga Digital. Vinyl presales via [Bandcamp](http://aleksandtheramps.bandcamp.com) from February 1.

Emma Russack: Sounds Of Our City LP. Debut solo album for the ex-Lola Flash singer. Features long-time collaborator Alec Marshall and guests artists including Cameron Potts (Baseball, Cuba Is Japan), Tim Picone, Chris Altmann, Kieran Ryan (Kid Sam) and Jessica and Nick Venables (Jessica Says). Out February 10 through Spunk Records.

Emma Russack – ‘He Was My Family’ by SpunkRecords

Puta Madre Brothers: It’s A Long Way To Meximotown* LP. Second album for the Melbourne ?triple one-man band?. Follows 2010?s *Queso Y Cojones. Out February 10 through Baboso.

The Peep Tempel: Self-titled debut album for the Melbourne trio, who formed as a two-piece in 2009. Recorded at Sing Sing Studios with Clinton Kraus. Out February 17 through Wing Sing.

The Dead Leaves: Debut album for the Melbourne-based outfit fronted by New Zealander Matt Joe Gow. Follows 2009?s The Messenger, a largely acoustic album credited to Matt Joe Gow and the Dead Leaves. Out February 24 through Liberation.

San Cisco: Awkward EP. Second release for the indie-pop outfit from ?sunny Fremantle?. Out February 3 through Jarrah/MGM.

The Maple Trail: Cable Mount Warning LP. Third album for Belles Will Ring member Aidan Roberts. Conceived in New York, New Zealand and the Blue Mountains, but recorded in Sydney. Out February 2012 through Broken Stone Records.

SMRTS: Have Friends and Visit Them at Night LP. Second album by Perth instrumental combo SMRTS. Out February 9 independently on vinyl and via download.

king wave rising by SMRTS

Jim Keays: Dirty Dirty LP. Solo album for former singer of the legendary Master’s Apprentices backed by Davey Lane (You Am I), Ted Lethborg and Brett Wolfenden (ex-The Pictures). Out February 10 through Shock.


The Scientists Of Modern Music: A Personal Universe* LP. Second album for the Hobartian duo of Cal Young and Simon McIntosh. Follows 2007?s *Electronic Sunset. Out March 30 through Shock.

Bleeding Knees Club: Nothing To Do* LP. Debut album for Gold Coast trio, following 2010 debut EP *[Virginity](/releases/2000808). Out March 2 through I Oh You.

Children Collide: Monument* LP. Recorded at Melbourne’s Red Door Sounds with Woody Annison (Red Riders, Cabins). Follow-up to 2010?s *Theory Of Everything. Out March through Universal.

Pageants: Dark Before Blonde Dawn LP. Debut full-length album recorded with Jack Farley (Beaches, St Helens, Twerps). Out March through Sensory Projects.

Pageants – Pleasure perched in the parlour palms by sensoryprojects10

Immigrant Union: Self-titled debut LP for the country-rock collective [helmed by the Dandy Warhols? Brent DeBoer](/articles/4182020). Out March 30 through Longtime Listener.

Grinderman: Posthumous collection of remixes, reinterpretations and collaborations based on the songs from 2010?s Grinderman 2. Features remixes by Josh Homme, Robert Fripp, The National’s Matt Berninger and Nick Zinner from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Out locally through Mute/EMI on March 9.

Last Dinosaurs: In A Million Years* LP. Debut album following 2010?s *[Back From The Dead](/releases/2000570) EP. Out March 2 through Dew Process.

Ladyhawke: Anxiety LP. Second album for New Zealand-born singer Pip Brown. Out through Modular on March 16.

Pond: Beard Wives Denim LP. Fourth album for Perth trio featuring members of Tame Impala. Out March 2 through [new label](/news/4387708) Modular.

The Fauves: German Engines* LP. Companion album to *Japanese Engines, which came out in November. Out March 9 though Shock.

Howl At The Moon: Squalls LP. Debut album for Melbourne four-piece. Recorded over five days at Soundpark Studios. Out through Shock Entertainment.

Let the Mainsheet Down, My Love by showoffservices

Jonathan Michell/A Wallace: Split cassette/digital download. Mojave Night* features 10 instrumental tracks by Michell (The Ancients, Mum Smokes), while the three ?lengthy? tracks on *More Ghost Songs are inspired by Wallace’s trip to the mountains. Out March through Special Award.

Lehmann B. Smith/Natasha Rose: Split LP. Kes Band member Lehmann B. Smith teams up with Patinka Cha Cha’s Natasha Rose for ?love songs and submerged reverb chamber pop sensuality?. Out March through Special Awards.

Love Connection: Euphoria LP. Described as [?experimental slacker pop?](/news/4309609). Follows a 2010 home recorded [mini-album](/releases/2000561). Out March through Sensory Projects.


The Frowning Clouds: Title TBA. Second album following 2010?s [Listen Closlier](/releases/2000599). Features ?surfy? single [?All Night Long?](/articles/4307470). Out independently.

NO ZU: Life LP. Debut album for the Melbourne outfit which originally began as a recording project for Nicolaas Oogjes in 2007. Out through Sensory Projects.

DZ Deathrays: Title TBA. Debut album for the Brisbane duo, formerly known as DZ. Follows 2009 EP Ruined My Life. Out through I Oh You.

Expatriate: Hyper/Hearts* LP. Second album for the Berlin-based four-piece following ARIA-nominated debut *[In The Midst Of This](/releases/5647) (2007). Recorded at Wales? Monnow Valley Studios with producer Andy Savours (PNAU, The Killers). Out through Dew Process.

The Townhouses: Bilby* LP. Second album for the solo project of Melbourne’s Leigh Hannah. Follows 2010 debut *Islands* and a follow-up EP, *Mono no Aware. Out through Yes Please.

Useless Children: Title TBA. Second album for the Melbourne three-piece. Follows 2009?s [The Sky Is Falling](/releases/2000476). Out through EXO Records.

Constant Mongrel Everything Goes Wrong LP. Limited release, split with US label 81/80. Out through R.I.P Society.

Constant Mongrel – Reflex by R.I.P SOCIETY RECORDS

Lindsay Phillips: Taedium Vitae* LP. Second album for the warbly Melbourne folk singer. Follows 2010 debut *[Varning](/releases/2000623). Features singles ?Exile? and ?Only You (And The Lord)? Out through Departed Sounds.

Only You by Lindsay Phillips by showoffservices


Catcall: The Warmest Place* LP. Debut album for ex-Kiosk member Catherine Kelleher. Follows 2008?s *[Anniversary](/releases/2000087) EP. Features new single ?Satellites? and ?Swimming Pool?, our [track of the year](/articles/4157920) for 2010. Out May 4 through Ivy League.

Crumbs: Maidenhair* LP. New album for Max Kohane (Brain Children, Agents of Abhorrence). Follows 2009?s *[Pieces + Portions, Vol. 1](/releases/2000542)* and *? Vol. 2. ?Undeniable beats and short segments of electronic revelry and sentimental undertones.? Out May through Sensory Projects.

Great Earthquake: Mind Maps* LP. Second solo record for Melbourne-based artist Noah Symons. Follows 2010?s *[Drawings](/releases/2000637). Recorded with Joshua Bach. Out May through Sensory Projects.

Guerre: EP. Follow-up to last year’s *[Darker My Love](/releases/2000902). Out through Yes Please.

Temper Trap: Second album for the London-based, Melbourne-born, Bono-endorsed outfit. Follows 2009’s [Conditions](/releases/2000318). Out June through Liberation.


Bearhug TBA (Spunk/EMI)
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys Success Rock 2012 (R.I.P Society/Fuse)
Children Of The Wave TBA (Sensory Projects)
Deep Sea Arcade Outlands (Liberation)
Guineafowl TBA (Dew Process)
Hungry Kids of Hungary TBA (Stop Start/EMI)
Jonti Tokorats (Mistletone)
Lehmann B. Smith Little Milk (Special Award)
Lower Plenty Hard Rubbish (Special Award)
Melodie Nelson To The Dollhouse (Independent)
Model Citizen TBA (R.I.P Society/Fuse)
Oh Mercy TBA (EMI)
Oliver Tank TBA (Yes Please)
Panoptique Electrical Wildness (Sensory)
Sarah Blasko TBA (Dew Process)
Seja TBA (Rice Is Nice)
Shady Lane TBA (Rice Is Nice)
Something For Kate TBA (EMI)
SPOD TBA (Rice Is Nice)
The Ancients TBA (Sensory Projects)
The Mark of Cain TBA (Feel Presents/Fuse)
Toby Martin TBA (Liberation)
Wolf & Cub TBA (Independent)
Wolf & Cub TBA (Independent)
YIS TBA (Independent)