Photo Diary: Twerps In The US

Melbourne’s Twerps recently completed a month-long US tour with Underwater Peoples labelmates Real Estate. Here are some happy snaps with captions by drummer PATRICK O’NEILL.

Dion playing his morning chess moves with the company of the beautiful Penny Lane. This photo was taken on our host’s porch in Austin, Texas.

Chapter Music overlords, Guy and Ben, making plans to take over the world. Ben does this with kombucha in hand and Guy with choc-chip biccies.

Marty not so happy with his avocado margarita as a hangover cure at Curra’s in Austin, Texas.

FOR THE HOT DOG OF AUSTIN? Marty & Jules outside the Panache Booking hangover party at Beerland, Austin Texas.

Dion and Sylvia checking out prospective diners in their new hood. Chinatown, NY.

These two badass dogs were with their badass owners near the Williamsburg bridge in Manhattan. Both dogs and owners were lovely. That dog has the biggest head I’ve ever seen.

Marty and Jules riding the F train to Coney Island on a Russian food excursion. We found a thrift store that sold tax-free cigarettes if you look Eastern European. I think we also found the Russian restaurant from Bored to Death.

Dion having a chill before/after our live to air set at WFMU in New Jersey.

Ben, Marty, Jules and Ari (Underwater Peoples) digging through the amazing WFMU record library with Brian Turner making sure they don’t steal anything.

The crowd after our set at 285 Kent supporting Ducktails in Brooklyn, New York. Check out those four guys just to the right of the microphone. Very cheeky indeed!

This was the funniest dog we have ever seen. No words can describe. McCarren Park, Brooklyn.

Saying goodbye to Ari as we set off for Philadelphia for the first show of the Real Estate tour. Marty considers an Underwater Peoples address tattoo and Ari likes the idea.

Real Estate’s Alex Bleeker rocking hard at the First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. The green room was the entire church and was fully stocked with hummus, carrots and broccoli. This was the night I discovered Yuengling lager.

Marty and Jules on the Coney Island pier with Blackhawk in the background. Shoot the hippie!

Yale, architecture good time photo session with Marty, Jules, Tamsen and Woody in New Haven, Connecticut. We arrived early.

One of many closed swimming pools. I think this one may have been in Philadelphia, PA. I think it was warm enough for a swim but they disagreed.

Obligatory The Wire* photo in Baltimore, Maryland. Great record and book store around the corner called Normal’s. I found The Replacements? *Let It Be. Sick!

The green room at Ottobar in Baltimore. The wall was covered with many penises drawn by many different bands. We drew one too.

Marty trying his first frozen banana outside a diner somewhere between Baltimore and Richmond, Virginia. He had at least one a day after that.

The swimming pool at Dent May’s Cats Purring Dude Ranch was very janky. Ric Peet fixed the PA, we saw our first gravity bong and met a dude from Melbourne. Fun show!

The van packed and ready for the drive to Little Rock, Arkansas.

Dion wearing a rad t-shirt, washing day, on the outskirts of Roswell, New Mexico.

Amazing sign outside our far-from-amazing hotel in Roswell. I mistakenly chose a smoking room. The ?intepnet? was speedy and the breakfast was hilarious.

We awoke to this in Flagstaff, Arizona. We failed to realise that we had climbed 7000 feet on the drive from Roswell. Flagstaff was a cool little town with an amazing pizza joint and beautiful scenery.

Standing outside the van before the scary drive out of town. The snow cleared and we drove down the mountain into the Mojave desert in California. We drove past Death Valley and Coachella.

Jules taking a dip at the Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco.

This sign started an Instagram war. I had to put my elbows up to take this photo. The show that night was great and the venue spoilt us. One tip: if you like banh mi and you’re in San Francisco there is a killer place called Saigon Sandwich on Larkin Street.

Alex ?Real Estate? Bleeker ?And The Freaks? checking out the scenery in St Louis, Missouri.

Marty having a snooze in the setting sun in St Louis.

Final meal in LA on the way to the airport. Who better to have in with than Jon ?Matzah? Weinberg from Cold Showers. These were probably the best tacos I’ve ever had. Pick up your game Melbourne!


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