Readers Poll 2012 Part 2 ? Albums Of The Year

[Yesterday](/articles/4545933), we revealed your picks for Best Comeback, Best New-Ish Act, Best Live Act and Worst Break-Up. Today, it’s your Top 50 albums of the year.

1. Tame Impala

Despite the remarkable critical near-consensus that Lonerism* garnered ([NME](http://www.nme.com/blog/index.php’blog=147&p=13018&title=50bestalbumsof2012&more=1&c=1), [Triple J](http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/jawards/12/) and [Pitchfork](http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/17131-lonerism/) all thought it was pretty good), there were still a few familiar backhanders being thrown Kevin Parker’s way in 2012: His music is too insular; *Lonerism* hews too closely to the formula of its 2010 predecessor *[Innerspeaker](/releases/2000651)* (what about the synths?); Tame Impala make hollow nostalgia music; and Tame Impala are good, but not *that good.

One senses that the issue underpinning these complaints is that Tame Impala have already become a little bit boring, that their distinctive emotional tenor and aesthetic (and it is distinctive: you can pick a Parker drum fill a mile away), and the relentlessly high standard of their offerings are now so commonplace that all there is left to discuss is whether Parker sounds like John Lennon (he does) and whether this is a bad thing (it isn’t). While the discussions might be getting boring, their music is anything but.

The achievement of Lonerism* is twofold: Firstly, there is the songwriting – rare is the album that manages to be crammed with this many hooks while retaining both variation and cohesion, *and* resisting the easy payoff long enough to sustain the listener’s interest. Certain recurring elements provide continuity – the twinkling synth arpeggios; the melodious, wandering basslines; and those the loose, tripping-down-the-hallway drums – but even these elements are in perpetual motion. Second is its unique immersive quality: depending on how you look at it, *Lonerism is a hermetic sonic universe, or a dizzying trip into Kevin Parker’s skull, or both. – Edward Sharp-Paul

2. Henry Wagons
[Expecting Company?](/releases/2001132)

3. Boomgates
[Double Natural](/releases/2001119)
(Bedroom Suck)

4. Lower Plenty
[Hard Rubbish](/releases/2001036)
(Special Award)

5. Dirty Three
[Toward The Low Sun](/releases/2001002)
(Anchor & Hope/Remote Control)

6. The UV Race

7. Bitch Prefect
[Big Time](/releases/2001089)
(Bedroom Suck)

8. Grand Salvo
[Slay Me In My Sleep](/releases/2001086)

9. Spencer P Jones And The Nothing Butts
[Spencer P Jones And The Nothing Butts](/releases/2001141)

10. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
12-Bar Bruise

11. Holy Balm
[It’s You](/releases/2001084)

12. Woollen Kits
[Woollen Kits](/releases/2000986)

13. Laurels

14. Pop Singles
[All Gone](/releases/2001099)

15. Bushwalking
[First Time](/releases/2001072)

16. Hoodlum Shouts
[Young Man, Old Man](/releases/2001033)

17. Graveyard Train

18. Ned Collette + Wirewalker

19. POND
[Beard, Wives, Denim](/releases/2001018)

20. White Walls
[White Walls](/releases/2001149)

21. Blank Realm
[Go Easy](/releases/2001140)

22. New War
[New War](/releases/2001091)

23. Paul Kelly
[Spring And Fall](/releases/2001137)

24. Fabulous Diamonds
[Commercial Music](/releases/2001095)

25. Oh Mercy
[Deep Heat](/releases/2001102)

26. Alpine
[A Is For Alpine](/releases/2001104)

27. Mad Nanna
[I Made Blood Better](/releases/2001041)

28 Milk Teddy

29. The Spinning Rooms
The Spinning Rooms

30. Collarbones
[Die Young](/releases/2001121)

31. Saint Jude
[Saint Jude](/releases/2001032)

32. Harry Howard And The NDE
[Near Death Experience](/releases/2001005)

33. The Smith Street Band
[Sunshine & Technology](/releases/2001116)

34. Dave Graney And The MistLY
[You’ve Been In My Mind](/releases/2001077)

35. Ocean Party
[Social Clubs](/releases/2001129)

36. Bits Of Shit
[Cut Sleeves](/releases/2001088)

37. Woollen Kits
Four Girls

38. Emma Russack
[Sounds Of Our City](/releases/2000995)

39. Mere Women
[Old Life](/releases/2001079)

40. Iowa
[Never Saw It Coming](/releases/2001030)

41. DZ Deathrays

42. Grand Prismatic
[Birds And Beasts](/releases/2001145)

43. Useless Children
Post Ending Pre Completion

44. Liars

45. Something For Kate
Leave Your Soul To Science

46. Constant Mongrel
[Everything Goes Wrong](/releases/2001069)

47. Sarah Blasko
I Awake

48. Chris Altmann
Nothing But Nice Things

49. Nikko
[Gold And Red](/releases/2001076)

50. The Mark Of Cain
[Songs Of The Third And Fifth](/releases/2001142)


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