New Noise: Fucking Teeth, Raindrop, Alyx Dennison, Gail Priest

Harassed doctors, iconic airports, wonky vocoder, quasi-birdsong – all in this week’s roundup of Soundcloud offerings.

? Fucking Teeth enjoy what they do. You can hear that all over April’s [free](http://fuckingteeth.bandcamp.com) debut album That is You When You are a Gutter, from the surf-y instrumental opener ?Bathtub Mary? right through to the patiently triumphant finale ?Chair?. You can especially hear it on ?Medicine?, during which frontman Peter Bibby spits out demands for all manners of illicit drugs from his uncooperative doctor. There’s a contagious rawness to the whole album, probably because it was recorded live at Northbridge record store [Noise Pollution](http://www.facebook.com/pages/Noise-Pollution-Records-Northbridge-Western-Australia/109370832462804). The ne’er-do-well Perth trio invade Melbourne next weekend alongside psych-wobbled locals [Whipped Cream Chargers](http://whippedcreamchargers.bandcamp.com). One of the three gigs is a secret warehouse thing, so maybe see what you can glean from ol? [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fucking-Teeth/254708657901707) about location and whatnot.

Thurs, June 27 – The Lounge, Melbourne, VIC [free after 10pm, w/Whipped Cream Chargers]
Sat, June 29 – secret warehouse, Melbourne, VIC [w/Whipped Cream Chargers, Mangel Wurzel, Glitter Rats, Meth Leopard, Red Engine Caves + Lordy Lordy]
Sun, June 30 – The Evelyn, Melbourne, VIC [1pm, $5, w/Emlyn Johnson, Sagamore, Mudlark + Whipped Cream Chargers]

02.Medicine by Fucking Teeth

? There’s not a lot of complexity to Raindrop?s free first single ?Killing Me?. It’s just a catchy little guitar-pop ditty distinguished by waterlogged psych bleariness and much vocal distortion (and is that vocoder?). Cut at Sydney’s [REC Studios](http://www.recsydney.com), it’s a likeable introduction to the Sydney band as well as a taste of a debut EP in the works. Raindrop aren’t playing live while frontman Miles Devine knocks around Europe for a couple months, but expect activity on that front to resume as winter winds down.

Killing Me by raindroptheband

? We’ve heard what one half of Sydney’s short-lived duo [ky?](/releases/2000764) is up to now, thanks to Freya Berkhout’s [new band](/news/4564607) Gnome. Now it’s time for the other half. A member of Richard in Your Mind more recently, Alyx Dennison is based in Melbourne at the moment and quietly prepping solo work under her own name, following collaborations with everyone from High Places to The Bedroom Philosopher. The fruits of recording with Jordy Lane (Shady Lane, RIYM), she’s just shared a brief teaser single for a solo album due sometime in the future through ky??s former label, Popfrenzy. The 107-second [?LAX?](http://popfrenzy.bandcamp.com/track/lax-2) shows off Dennison’s folky singing and guitar playing alike, so much so that it could pass for some unearthed outsider-folk artefact. Like those early First Aid Kit tunes, it feels both vulnerable and eternal.

Alyx Dennison – LAX by Mess+Noise

? Singling out the winged muses that surround us, [Birds of a Feather](http://www.flamingpines.com/Birds%20of%20a%20Feather.htm) is a series of 100-run 3? CDs from ambient-leaning experimental label Flaming Pines. The eighth EP in the bird-inspired project is The Common Koel by Sydney sound artist Gail Priest. It takes as its titular subject a Sydney-frequented brood parasite – i.e. bird that lays its eggs in other birds? nests – responsible for ?waking many a household in the early hours when it arrives in the country in about September.? [Priest](http://www.gailpriest.net) was drawn to the bird for both its unwelcome tactics and ?aesthetically awkward song,? according to the presser. Hear a disconcerting five-minute excerpt of the piece below, and order the CD [here](http://www.flamingpines.com/Birds%20of%20a%20Feather4.htm) for $10 including postage.

The Common Koel – Gail Priest (excerpt) from Birds of a Feather out June 2 on FP by Flaming Pines


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