New Noise: Buzz Kull, Witch Hats, Mere Women, Cannon

This week’s roundup of new music is the best one yet. Slam dunks, all of them.

? Following the release of their debut 7? on Greek label [Fabrika](http://www.fabrikarecords.com) and a recent [US tour](/articles/4611398), worldly Sydney duo Buzz Kull are putting out the five-song EP Heat through Spanish label [Young Latitudes](http://younglatitudes.bandcamp.com). But first they’re self-releasing it digitally through [Bandcamp](http://buzzkull.bandcamp.com/album/heat) for $5, with all proceeds going to victims of the current NSW fires. The EP pushes the band’s dead-eyed coldwave impulses further into distorted bleakness. The pick of the litter is the single [?Bedroom Highs?](http://buzzkull.bandcamp.com/track/bedroom-highs), which twists hairsprayed ?80s synth-pop into a weird mirror image while staying plenty catchy.

? As [previously reported](/news/4609144), Witch Hats are soon undertaking a debut Asian invasion, from China and Hong Kong to Taiwan and South Korea. To mark the occasion and continue raising funds for the venture, they’ve released the limited tour compilation [A China Selection](http://witchhats.bandcamp.com/album/a-china-selection)*. It spans 2006?s *[Wound of a Little Horse](http://witchhats.bandcamp.com/album/wound-of-a-little-horse)* EP, 2008?s *[Cellulite Soul](http://witchhats.bandcamp.com/album/cellulite-soul)*, 2009?s *[Solarium Down the Causeway](/releases/2000398)* EP and 2011?s *[Pleasure Syndrome](/releases/2000959), for those keeping score at home. Most notable, though, are three new songs that may or may not be included on the Melbourne quartet’s third album next year. ?Animal? is a piano-and-organ brooder (a bit like Dad Rock gone to seed), ?Fiction? is set off-kilter by more of Matt Cox’s cymbal abuse and ?A Strange Life? has a jaunty country angle – each nodding to different potential directions for the future while putting the focus on Kris Buscombe’s increasingly classic-sounding lyrics and songwriting. And yet they’ve still got something of the mischievous scamp in them: they’ve promised to kill a panda in Beijing if they don’t raise another $500 for the tour by the time they depart next Wednesday.

? [Southpaw Records](http://www.southpaw-records.com) is one of the best little labels in America, having released great stuff by Ty Segall, Useless Eaters, Bare Wires, Ketamines, Warm Soda and other choice garage and power-pop bands. Soon they’ll add Sydney trio Mere Women to that list, thanks to an upcoming 7? that includes the free-download new tune ?Hands & Face?. Mixed by Ivan Vizintin (PVT, Ghoul), it follows last year’s [?strange and noxious?](/releases/2001079) album [Old Life](http://merewomen.bandcamp.com/album/old-life). It’s got some of the detached vocals and vintage synth warmth of Broadcast, sounding more accessible than ever before. Noisier and more captivating as it progresses, the song is quite a promising indication of not just this 7? but whatever the band does next.

? Our pal Everett True wasn’t [such a fan](/articles/4622389) of Brisbane band Cannon, but we sure are. Their new five-song 7? on [Bon Voyage](http://www.bnvyge.com/cannon) is equal parts infectious and idiosyncratic, marked by the unique vocal mutterings of Callan Murray. They’ve been compared to Pere Ubu, the Urinals and The UV Race, and the 7? follows their Total Recall-saluting [2011 debut](http://cannonbrisbane.bandcamp.com/album/cannon). The presser calls it ?fast, bellowing, fun, dumb, Australian rock ?n? roll music,? which, yeah, covers all the bases. Their next gig is this Sunday (Oct 27) supporting on [Summer Flake](/search/?q=summer+flake)?s Brisbane [album launch](https://www.facebook.com/events/575334439193557/) at The Beetle Bar, alongside Cured Pink, Screaming Match and Thigh Master. It’s $10 from 4pm. Note the early start time, friends.


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