New Noise: Mudlark, Dead Boomers, Simon James Phillips, Fire To The Stars

Immersive shoegaze, ambient piano clusters, abrasive power and guitar-and-percussion thrills comprise this week’s roundup of new music.

? First up for your uneasy listening pleasure is Mudlark, the Perth-based guitar-and-percussion collision of Steven Bovenizer and Warsame Hassan. The self-taught duo’s debut EP Zimdahl is stocked with five bristling, vibrant instrumentals that prove antsy and unpredictable. Certain guitar lines might trigger flashbacks to your old Tortoise records, but that’s just the beginning of what goes on here. Recorded live with Nick McKenzie, Mudlark limited themselves to two instruments at a time and used no overdubbing. What’s more, says the presser: ?Using three guitar amps as a stereo wall of sound, and approximately 22 mics tracking percussion and guitar, allowed the duo to select the most relevant mic positions in the room.? Anyway, it’s thrilling stuff. Grab a [free download](http://woodwire.bandcamp.com/album/zimdahl) and perhaps invest in the [180g vinyl](https://mudlarkperth.bandcamp.com/album/zimdahl), limited to 260 copies. Both are out now through the always dependable Wood & Wire.

? Following up 2012?s [The Pig in the Python](/releases/2001031)*, abrasive power duo Dead Boomers have released both a tape and a 7? recently. The tape, *Outcalls*, includes two tracks described as ?detailed power electronics sermons.? It’s out now in a run of 60 through [Cipher Productions](http://iheartnoise.com/cipherproductions/index2.html), packaged in a painted pouch with two inserts and – a dogtag. The 7?, meanwhile, is a two-song bout of disorientation called *Arak. Recorded by Morgan McWaters (WORNG), it’s described as ?eerily comforting like a visit from Jack Kevorkian on the last day.? It’s out now in a run of 300 through [Iron Lung](http://ironlungpv.bandcamp.com/album/arak-7), though you can grab it digitally for just two bucks. There’s a Melbourne launch too, from 3pm on Sunday, February 16 at Holdings (492 Bell Street, Pascoe Vale South). It’s all-ages and free, with support from Split Teeth, Holy Boner, Velvet Whip and Innmost Night. More info [here](https://www.facebook.com/events/205212483005037).

? Perhaps you know pianist Simon James Phillips from his duo Pedal with The Necks? Chris Abrahams, or his work in both The Swifter and The Berlin Splitter Orchestra. But the solo work of this Berlin-based expat is well worth investigating too. The new album Chair is out now on vinyl and digital through [Room40](http://emporium.room40.org/products/518865-simon-james-phillips-chair), and it’s a disarming set that bridges classical and ambient. Adds the presser: ?It’s an album of clustered piano works, where notes compound and flutter in a spiralling flow of attack and decay. Using the natural sustain of both his chosen instrument and the recording environment – the Grunewald Church in Berlin – Phillips? playing draws out the natural harmonic saturation of his subjects.? Surrender to the elegant drift of ?Poul? below.

? A multi-continent concern spanning four members in Victoria (including Jim McDonald and Tim Spelman of one-time [Lost & Lonesome](/articles/4628279) signing Lacto Ovo) and primarily Stockholm-based Petter Bertilsson, Fire to the Stars have been recording and mixing an album with Casey Rice (Dirty Three) for some time now. Posted as a name-your-price taste by Sydney label 4-4-2 (and, interestingly, released on different microlabels in Canada, Portugal, Japan, Germany and Russia) is the two-song single [?Keep You Safe?/?Wholesale Slaughter?](http://4-4-2music.bandcamp.com/album/keep-you-safe). Sung by Cat Tyson Hughes, both explore tender and immersive shoegaze, although the first is much more diffuse and mysterious. Sink on in.


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