Track By Track: Eastlink

Genocide? Thatcher? Trade unions? It’s all in the debut album from Eastlink, according to band members AL MONTFORT*, **JOHANN RASHID** and *ZEPHYR PAVEY. Read their full commentary, left unedited at the band’s request.

?What a Silly Day?

A: Genocide cannot be denied. Ongoing prejudice is obvious. So take pride in it. What a bunch of idiots your family and friends are. Perform a musical piece which celebrates how far we’ve come. I regret playing a show on australia day. Didn’t think anybody had the nerve to actually say ?happy australia day? but they did and I felt Orrible.

Z: Today I surfed the epicentre and I thought, ?Christ it really is beautiful down here, no wonder all these dinguses have no feelings besides PROTECT all they do is float around in the sun and eat things they don’t have to make.? If only they thought about property a little more critically in between chicken burgers. This guitar solo is the best thing I’ve ever done, I never thought I could play guitar until I heard this recording, anyone who saw me play guitar at that first Russell Street Bombings show in the Tote front bar a few years back can understand this. I believe this is a [BEN HEPWORTH](http://crawlspacemagazine.com/2012/09/03/high-rise-horizon-repairs-interviewed) riff, he is the king of boogie. If an EASTLINK song makes you wanna do the twist, shake a leg etc then it’s probably a Hepworth egg.


A: Hello I’m a naysayer. I get the feeling that instead of the majority cutting us poor little guys some slack that they are in fact going to cut us off at the neck. Say hello to the return of the far right in Europe. Say hello to cronulla. Say hello to scott morrison. Say goodbye to Reza Berati.

Z: Those limp nuggets might actually represent the majority of people in this country (certainly the worst traits of the people; greed, credit, pride) luckily people can be led real fucken easily so let’s hope for a loosening of the people. Wanna pay less tax now? BUY LESS NOW! Lee Parker does the loud bit in this song, I love it so much, we’ve played a show without Lee and it was a failure; we were nude but it wasn’t good nude. Every guitar is vital. I endorse violent protest.


A: Imperialism is anti-human. Of course humans love car bombs. The control of massive regions and populations from the other side of the world (Washington, London, Canberra, Beijing, Jakarta, Delhi, Moscow) by a tiny cultural elite is an unnatural concept. It feels like forever but never functions for very long. The latest Imperials have fallen now. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was not the first or last opponent of this imperialism but he was a cunt. His popularity in opposing U.S imperialism allowed him to treat his people like shit. Say it: ?Ahmadinejad?, ?Ahmadinejad?, ?Ahmadinejad?, ?Ahmadinejad?, ?Putin?, ?Ahmadinejad?, ?Kim Jong-Un?.

Z: The spirit is mightier than the drone? I love it when anyone teases America, for all the fucked things Russia do I still can’t help but like it when they glare down and laugh in the face of turd American state. Smoke Obama. This was 22 minutes long before the LP format dictated an edit. Releasing a vinyl record really is a stupid process; this took ages, the record is blue, the speed is wrong on the label, the insert ended up half the size and as a record sleeve, a song title is wrong and I don’t know what’s going on with the spine at all. Photocopiers and CD-Rs are the pinnacle for me. Sorry for hypocrisy.

?Eastie Shit?

Z: Sometimes Al and I jam and it comes out right at that moment and a re-recording would only detract from the thing so the other guys miss out. Me ?n? Al have another band called [Russell Street Bombings](https://soundcloud.com/russell-street-bombings/street-raft) which is more of this kinda 2 guitars and pile of stuff in a room sound but with words too, there’s an LP on the way from our good friend in America, [Smart Guy Records](http://www.smartguyrecords.com/content.shtml). This song might have been made on a hot day off work so we were really cool with being alive. The beach might be nice sometimes but staring at the knobs of a Peavey rage for a few hours in a room with no ventilation is a better way to sweat out the shame of working for the man.

This concludes side A.


Z: This riff came out a lot different than I had intended, I wanted some really unlistenable bright scraping shit, a train jamming on the breaks as it runs over a shitty real estate agent who’s finally realised the best thing they could do for the world is to liquefy themselves but, we ended up with a jolly smear, I think Joey is singing about overtime but he’s more or less his own boss so he doesn’t get wrangled in to much over time (well he’s a manager, capitalism is the boss). ?Concrete and fucking plaster?, maybe he speaks for the trade union movement here. I’m suss on them these days of course.

J: Overtime is justified, a little more is worthy. Hopeless lives encrusted lives and endless nights of torture. Sadness sits the senseless mind and man that is just way to high. Yet his hole is getting deeper let him fall he is a teacher … Cement and fucking plaster! Mosquito! Whatever the fuck I don’t care. These words actually sit 3 different songs. Laziness? Nah! I just like saying them. Mantra styles! Also they mean what Zeph and Al interpret. I trust them with stupidity that’s why I’m in a band with them…


A: Admiration through self-destruction. It’s great to destroy yourself and inspire others. No but seriously don’t you get tired of going home? Lou is dead. Thank fuck.

Z: I first heard this on piano, two fingers over and over, I was happy with that but we all wanted to join in so it became band song. For me the vibe of this song (musically) is similar to when you’ve done something really shit and you’re racked with self loathing but then you see a old man laughing at a broken ticket machine, pure joy. I may also play a little riff from ?The NeverEnding Story? or a Nescaf? ad in this song. You decide, send your votes to: Sean Micallef c/o ABC in your capital city.

?Eastie Zoom 1?

Z: Another of those A to Z duo ditties. After ending up with a bit of philosophy in our systematic educations we both realised it really isn’t something we wanna look further into. Today on the way to the beach my friends and I accidentally drove over and killed a small dog and right now I’m listening to a damaged woman outside my window screaming ?come on you cuuuuuuunt.? As much as I might develop a massive understanding of her behaviour and my reaction from further study, I enjoy experiencing this internal rot firsthand, maybe this song walks that around the park.

?Spring Street?

A: This song is not about protest. As far as I can see the myth of terra nullus did not end with Eddie Mabo. Australians still act like frontier wars never took place, as if indigenous people were happy to join in the chorus. Yes we need to get on with it as Langton suggests but ignorance is for toys. This song’s about death, destruction, pride and hate. If I watched the television program ?offspring?, if I worshipped Alf Stewart, if I loved Mr Bolt then maybe I would be happy to see you drown/see your head smashed in by a steel fence/selected by a drone. I’ll miss freedom. No I won’t.

Z: I wasn’t particularly in love with this song until a mate that was jamming with us said he didn’t like it, I thought “WHAT THE FUCK, YOU BEEN HERE 5 MINUTES AND YOU’RE TALKING SHIT ON OUR RIFFS?” so since then I’ve thought of it as unquestionably good. Spring street protests? I’ve attended none, yep that’s right here I am talking all this shit and just staying in and watching Sopranos, I just feel weird walking around with a big day out crowd making fun of that guys ears when a shitload of people outside of Melbourne like him because they think he makes things cheap and he’ll stop them getting dementia. My solution is to BBQ those people when they’re too fat to fit through the door and feed anyone that’s hungry.

J: I just think of images that I would like to marry to the rhythms. And that’s what happens. ?Spring Street? is inside and destructive. But also humble with a few repetitive colours and kicks.

?Thatcher’s Dead?

Z: Well it’s an instrumental and I naively thought this record would be out really fast and we’d get the award for first song about her death so we called it ?Thatcher’s Dead? for no reason and now in hindsight I can make up some shit about Thatcherites are running the Australian state into the ground and how it’s hollow ground because we allowed the filling to be mined. Didn’t this happen already? Every neo-liberal deregulator/member of parliament should have to report all of their finances to Centrelink and use the bulk billing doctors on the corner of Sydney and Brunswick roads. There are spirits/ghosts/people out here and they’ll get back what they can so just pick that single fucking stray hair out of your salad and keep eating.


####?Mullum Mullum? is out now on [CD](http://distortmag.bigcartel.com/product/eastlink-mullum-mullum-cd), [digital](https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/eastlink/id847914180) and [blue vinyl](http://distortmag.bigcartel.com/product/eastlink-lp) through In the Red. Follow the band on [Tumblr](http://eastyboys.tumblr.com).