Track by Track: Weak Boys

Sydney trio Weak Boys sing about getting high, dog farms and [hangovers](/news/4664806). MATT BANHAM*, **CRAIG LYONS** and *CHRIS YATES expand on those themes below.

?South Australia?

Matt: One thing that always gives me the shits is when people move from one place to another (usually from a smaller tof a bigger place) and then start to bag out the old city they used to live in. And so the first song on the first album I make after leaving Adelaide disses the city. What a bloody hypocrite. It should be noted that I still love Adelaide and will defend till I’m red in the face to any East Coast jerks who dare to call it boring.

About a week after I wrote this song Bitch Prefect released [?Adelaide?](https://soundcloud.com/bedroomsuckrecords/bitch-prefect-adelaide). They beat us to the punch. Their song about Adelaide is probably a lot better, but ours has a better guitar solo.

The outro of this song is stolen from [?Range Life?](http://www.youtube.com/watch’v=1VVj1zqbWpU) by Pavement. All guitar-pop bands should have at least one Pavement riff on each of their albums.


Matt: One night me and Craig went over to Lani and Sam’s (Day Ravies, King Tears Mortuary) ?cause we were meeting Pat Delohery and [Nathan Roche](/search/?q=nathan+roche) there for [Disgusting People](/news/4676102) practice. Unfortunately Pat was ill and couldn’t come and when Nathan rocked up, he had just returned from three days at the beach and was terribly sunburnt. He looked like a bohemian lobster in boat shoes. He felt like he was gonna pass out and so he went home. Luckily it was Tristan’s (Nathan Roche Band, Roamin? Catholics) birthday so me and Craig just stuck around. I somehow got crazy drunk and ended up with my arm around the birthday boy explaining to him how the next 10 years of his life were gonna pan out. Or at least that’s what people have told me I did. I think he was turning 23. A babe in the woods.

When I decided it was time to go home, I started to walk down the road and then tripped over my own feet and tore my jeans across the knee and really hurt my foot. Went all purple and gross and I had a limp for a good few weeks. Which is cool.

Craig: I remember this night. Well, I kind of remember this night. I think most of the details are correct. It was one of those nights where you think you’re just gonna go to rehearsal and drink two beers and get the train home but instead you’re stumbling up Illawarra Road in the early morning trying to make it to Victoria Yeeros before close and you still have no idea how the songs go. I think we did this one too many times because now the guy at the practice space won’t pick up the phone when any of us call him to make a booking.

?Dog Farm?

Chris: Most of the songs I write are about getting high. Partly out of laziness, but also because I think that it’s a really important part of life that is often seen as bad behaviour instead of the perfectly human and natural thing that it is. I actively set out to write a song about something other than drugs and ended up at dogs. I don’t have a dog but I try and take every opportunity I can to hang out with other people’s dogs. There’s a Facebook group called [Cool Dog Group](https://www.facebook.com/groups/365451653528719) which has just exploded in popularity and I think the reason is because times are tough online, newsfeeds are so depressing – lots of people in Australia have really connected with this group and keep hitting ?like? so that more dog photos show up in their feed. The song also grew out of this idea that when you’re a kid and your pet dies, your parents say it’s gone to a farm. I imagined the farm where all those dogs were, and how happy that place could actually be.

Matt: Do dog farms really exist? If they do, I don’t think they would ever live up to what I would imagine them to be.

Craig: Dog farms do exist. They definitely aren’t nice places. It’s where they lock dogs in cages and make them spit out puppies. My partner’s family dog was rescued from a puppy farm. I prefer Yatesy’s conception of the dog farm. We should also give a shout out to all the dogs of Hawthorne Canal Dog Park for being such cool dogs in [the video for this](/tv/4676398). Also, RIP Woody.


Matt: Don’t like working? Run out of wine in the house? Write a song about it. That’s what I did. Simple as that.

Craig: Sydney is so fucking expensive that staying in and watching movies is often a more viable option than engaging in more sociable activities. Bureaucrats try and fix this by introducing wacky street furniture and ?public art? so you spend more time walking around, spending money. Most public space is surrounded by shopping malls now so that you can’t leave the house without spending 20 bucks. May as well stay in. Settle down.

?Unrequited Diane Keaton?

Matt: Diane Keaton is pretty damn awesome. I don’t know if I will ever actually get married, but if Diane wanted to marry me I would. We would drink wine all day and play tennis in her backyard. She would probably give me some great pet names or something like that and I would spend a good chunk of my time in her swimming pool.

This song has a reference to one of my favourite lines ever written by anyone: ?Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis/When I was dead broke, man I couldn’t picture this? from [?Juicy? by The Notorious B.I.G.](http://www.youtube.com/watch’v=JZomgVfuw). Imagine having both of those consoles at the same time. You’d be living the dream, my friend.

Craig: This song was originally a Dreamboats song, which is a band Matt was in with Conrad (Richard in Your Mind) and Joe (Belles Will Ring) that played a bunch of shows and did some recordings and then stopped playing, which made me sad because they were a good band.

?Deal With It?

Matt: In my mind Chris (YUTTS) Yates spends his days with a leather jacket flung over his shoulder, flicking cigarette butts into people’s faces and then skateboarding off into the sunset.

Craig: That’s not in your mind. It’s all just a day in the life of YUTTS.

?Fucken Landlords?

Matt: One night I played a gig in Brisbane at the now defunct Waiting Room. After the gig Ben Salter and I tried to find a cab to take an amp and guitar back to Belly’s place. We were in the West End and so I was singing [his song about the West End](https://bensaltermusic.bandcamp.com/track/west-end-girls) to the world at the top of my lungs while Ben got more and more frustrated by the taxi situation. I was pretty drunk so I didn’t really care what was going on, but Ben was really struggling. We were standing at a cab rank waiting for taxis when a couple of young punks started to abuse us. I say punks but they weren’t really punks; the most punk like music they would listen to would be some live version of ?Your Body is a Wonderland? John Mayer might have done when he was a bit tipsy.

Anyway, they started to make fun of Ben and called him Bob Dylan, because he had a guitar you see. They also made fun of my bright pink jacket that I was wearing that my buddy Nick Walton (Birth Glow) had bought for me. ?Did your husband buy that for you?? I then tried to explain my relationship with my Nick who is my friend/ex-housemate/enemy/only-man-who-truly-understands-me to this kid but he really didn’t want to hear it. Finally a cab arrived and there was a whole lot of arguing between us and the ?punks? as to whose cab it was and I think the cab just pulled off without any of us. Luckily we managed to get the next cab that arrived and then got the driver to drive and up the road and then back down so we could flip off the punks, who were still waiting. Man, that felt good.

This song showcases Craig’s rock yell. He should really front a pub rock band. Or a glam rock band. Or if the guy from Jet dies and they need a new singer, Craig could replace him. Are Jet [still a band](/news/4448428)?

Craig: My landlord lives next door to me and she’s pretty nice, but she could still pretty much kick me out of my house whenever she wants. Property investment is easily one of most hated things in the world, after cotton wool. When you look at the NSW Government evicting public housing tenants from The Rocks and Millers Point, closing women’s shelters and so on, you can see there’s a real concerted effort at the moment to kick all poor and vulnerable people out of the city, which is totally fucked and a form of state violence. I don’t understand why Matt hates daylight savings, though. I thought Yates would hate daylight savings because he’s from Queensland but apparently he loves it. I think it was his main reason for moving south.

?I’m Never Drinking Again?

Matt: Hangovers just keep getting worse, don’t they? Our bodies are in decay. Thank god we aren’t all see-through, ?cause there would be some pretty depressing stuff going on inside us. What happens to our skin is bad enough!

?Jules, Brent & I?

Matt: Not long after I moved up to Sydney, I met [SPOD](/search/?q=SPOD) for the first time in real life. We had interacted plenty on mono* and *M+N forums but never met. Turns out he is a pretty alright guy and so we became friends. Not long after that his girlfriend Jules ([Rice is Nice](http://www.riceisnice.net/)) was having a birthday and he was getting people to write songs about her for a CD he was gonna surprise her with. I’d not actually met her by this point but wrote this ballad to her and used it as an opportunity to question SPOD’s bravado. I initially wanted this to be a [?Girl is Mine?](http://www.youtube.com/watch’v=rHp0s2wKajw)-type song where SPOD would have the chance to rebut my accusations, but he was too busy to come and record a part so he snoozed and loozed. I sang this song on stage to Jules the first night I met her at her birthday party and she has been secretly in love with me ever since.

?That’s Me?

Matt: Wanna write a hit? Take the chords to [?Knockin? on Heaven’s Door?](http://www.youtube.com/watch’v=db94u6R7pLk) and sing. That’s it. It’s pretty simple. I wrote this song in about five minutes about everything that was annoying me that day. And some things that were amusing me. This song also features a hidden burp. Burp-wave.

Craig: I like this song because I like whinging about stuff a lot. Banham’s a pretty good whinger. I know he’s gonna scab so many cigarettes off me on this tour so I’m putting it on public record that he owes me a pouch of tobacco.


##?Weekdays/Weekends? is out now digitally and on vinyl through [Strong Look](https://stronglookrecords.bandcamp.com/album/weekdays-weekends). Launch dates below.

Fri, Nov 7 – The Metro, Adelaide, SA [w/Avant Gardeners + Blood Plastic]
Sat, Nov 15 – Trainspotters, Brisbane, QLD [w/Woodboot, LSD Ratkings + Food Court]
Sat, Nov 22 – The Tote upstairs, Melbourne, VIC [w/Toothache + Si the Philanthropist]
Sun, Nov 23 – Minimum Wage @ Grace Darling, Melbourne, VIC [free, w/Hit the Jackpot + Fair Maiden]
Sat, Nov 29 – secret backyard BBQ show, Sydney, NSW