Photo Diary: Nite Fields x Europe

Fruit, meat, taters, an outgoing bassist, an incoming bassist, nitrous oxide and more. Nite Fields’ DANNY VENZIN guides us through the band’s eventful European tour.

I always thought freezing would be frightening, like drowning, but it’s not so bad in a place like this. This was taken walking on Lake Onega in Petrozavodsk, where I think it got down to about -25 degrees Celsius.

Chris making friends after our show in St Petersburg.

The line up for nitrous oxide was even longer than the line for vodka at the bar inside.

A sunny morning in St Petersburg.

And afternoon in Moscow.

Chris asking for a lighter but instead being given vodka ?with pepper for good health?.

This photo was taken after a dramatic late night border crossing where we were at first given a ?net Ukraine? because the guard was too lazy to flick through our passports to find our visas.

Fruit picking in central Athens.

A free record goes to the best caption for what Chris just said/did here in Larissa.

After nine shows in 11 days and an irreconcilable disagreement over whether taxis are better in Russia or Greece, our bass player decided to break up with rock’n?roll. Looking at this photo I can’t blame him for deciding to stay in Thessaloniki.

Thankfully it turned out that Alex, the guy in the Nite Fields shirt at our show the night before, is Liza’s old friend and supremely confident of his bass playing skills.

Alex shot this one of us at a ‘Death Disco’ in Athens.

Most people we met seemed shocked that we were touring on public transport, but despite the inflexibility, I think this beats each other’s armpits in a touring van.

Chris’ girlfriend Emma doesn’t seem to mind.

The far too good people of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Meat and potatoes for probably the 17th time in a row. Our Bulgarian promoter’s sweater says it all.

More meat, this time in Macedonia. Just look at Chris.

Our new bass player, Alex, starting his collection in Estonia.

Liza getting to know Lithuanian wine and us in turn getting to know everything we never knew about Liza.

In London celebrating in a black cab after spending our entire performance fee before even reaching the venue.

Souvenir shopping in ?The City of Love?.


####Nite Fields’ debut LP ?Depersonalisation? is out now on CD, vinyl and digital through [Felte](http://nitefields.bandcamp.com/album/depersonalisation). The band return home to launch the album at Grace Darling, Melbourne on May 9; Black Wire, Sydney on May 16; and at The Foundry, Brisbane on May 30.