Artist On Artist: Ara Koufax Vs LA Pocock Vs Infinity Blade

Ara Koufax, the more house-inclined, dancefloor-oriented project from Luke Neher and Sam Gill (the duo also known as Naysayer & Gilsun), heralded their arrival last year with the single ‘Converge’, going on to take a star turn with the stunning [‘Brenda’](https://www.youtube.com/watch’v=rZfeT-sZdzM) on the [Cut Copy-curated](/news/4674062) Oceans Apart compilation. They’re set to launch their debut EP in Melbourne this week with guest slots from LA Pocock (aka former presenter of RRR’s much-loved ‘Set It Out’, Luke Pocock) and rising DJ-producer Infinity Blade (aka Kish Lal). Ahead of the show, we had all three acts criss-cross a series of questions and answers over email for an artist on artist on artist extravaganza. Behold.

Infinity Blade, as interviewed by Ara Koufax

Ara Koufax: Could you please tell us the Infinity Blade genesis story?
Infinity Blade: It’s hard being a Melbourne celeb. Everyone wants to know your favourite colour, why you smell so good and of course, your genesis story. I’ve always had Infinity Blade in me but I only realised it a year ago at a birthday dinner in Richmond. My bf’s little brother, being an uber-millennial, BYO’d his iPad to a birthday dinner. Coming up for air to have the occasional sip of Coke, I decided to gain some points by asking what he was playing: Infinity Blade. I knew I wanted it, but so did my bf. Like any other couple settling an argument, we did three rounds of rock, paper, scissors and the rest is history.

If you had to characterise your DJ sets by assigning them one of the elements – earth, air, fire, water, heart – which element would it be and why?
My outfits are fire. My music taste is fire. My makeup game is fire. My tweets are fire. My nails are always fire. I’m just totally, unapologetically fire.

You’re driving alone in a car at night down a long highway. The white lines on the road flash past your car at 120 bpm. What song is playing on the stereo?
Levon Vincent – ?Woman Is An Angel?.

He gets it.

How was your podcast [Club Angels](http://www.poncho.tv/podcasts/club-angels/) conceived and when will there be a big-budget TV adaptation?
Let’s face it, who really wants to hear another boring techno bro talk about their obscure vinyl haul over the weekend or how close they are to getting their hair long enough for a top knot or how they just came up with a boring bassline they can’t wait to put a bongo beat over? No one. So, my fellow Club Angel, Ling, and I decided to give the people what they want and need – a girls’ POV on house and techno and why Diplo sucks. Keeping Up With Klub Angels will hit E! in 2016.

You’re DJing at The Logies? Official Afterparty and respected ABC journalist Tony Jones is profoundly drunk. He starts using the official Q&A Twitter account to collect track requests from the public while explaining to you that he “used to spin a bit back in the day, before the TV shit blew up. Vinyl only, though.” Eventually he asks you to “just drop some ?90s shit!” What do you choose?
Um, do I have time to collect myself and skol a bloody Bold Berry Cruiser? Let’s be honest, if Tony Jones and I are gonna party it’s going to be to Amber – ‘Sexual (Li Da Di)’ or nothing. I hope the chihuahua from the video turns up.

Ara Koufax, as interviewed by LA Pocock

LA Pocock: How long do you think the human race will survive and why?
Ara Koufax: We’ll stay right here until MenuLog’s jurisdiction reaches a back-up interstellar colony. In short: a few more financial years.

Has focusing on Ara Koufax (as opposed to Naysayer & Gilsun) opened up new musical chakras inside? If so how have the two of you evolved?
It has. We never stopped having a blast working as Naysayer & Gilsun, but wanted to do something devoid of expectations and history. Basically, we really needed an artistic bushfire to encourage regrowth.

You’re at the launch of your EP and you just played a mind blowing live set, nailed it. Feeling like the sickest cunts in the world, you go to throw over to Pocock but you see he’s been getting into Hugo’s secret stash and is now levitating out the toilet window in the lotus position. The music has stopped the crowd are looking to you to keep them there, dancing, you have one shot at gaining their trust with one song. What do you give ?em?
“It’s the classical example of ‘slam bam thank you ma’am'”:

Best thing to come out of Melbourne?
The modern (and wholeheartedly fried) Dim Sim.

You’re dead – what’s the tagline on your gravestone?
“All dogs go to heaven.”

LA Pocock, as interviewed by Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade: Sum up Luke Pocock with two words, a meal, and your favourite Kardashian.
LA Pocock” Smoking temple, Pho, beef on the side, and a ca phe sua da. I actually know nothing about the Kardashians and from the very little I know I’d rather use my brain space elsewhere. In some ways I despise pop culture even in its ironic forms as it promotes false ideas and ideals in people about what we should and shouldn’t be. Also I think most of what we are fed about these people is premeditated, done for publicity and marketing campaigns. Also who cares what these people do? I have no relationship with them. I’d rather spend my time learning groovy shit about the early solar system, how much of a miracle the Earth is, what the brain is capable of and hanging out in nature.

Kill, marry, fuck: Pete Tong, Daft Punk, Drake.
Fuck ?em all, but make Daft Punk leave their helmets on.

You’re at the 2015 Annual Radio Personality Awards and all the greats are there: Fifi Box, Hamish and Andy, Derryn Hinch, Hughsey and Kate. They’re all pretty drunk and pretty keen on poaching you from Triple R – which show do you choose and why? Death is not an option.
I don’t really know what all these presenters are about. I remember Derryn Hinch used to be on TV when I was a kid and he would always say “That’s life and I’m Derryn Hinch” which I thought was a really strong way of closing the show. What I do know is that these people are paid to do some pretty ugly and patronising things that contribute to dumbing down of our society in immeasurable ways. They are faces that sell advertising. Their radio stations are commercial, they are built for no other reason than to sell advertising, push political agendas and get as many listeners as possible in order to make their investors as much money as possible. Day in day out these stations berate and encourage people with their sexist, racist, homophobic and brain-washing bullshit. This goes into the ears (and subconscious) of millions of humans everyday and is partly responsible for so many of modern societies problems. I despise these organisations. Therefore I would have zero to do with them. I’m Triple R for life.

The world is ending and to send earth off, [Daydreams](https://www.facebook.com/daydreamsdanceparty) throws a massive going away party. A bit dark, but it works. What do you play? What do you close your set with? It better be good.
That’s easy, I would request the most amazing song I’ve ever heard:


####Ara Koufax (live) launch their debut EP this Friday May 8 at Hugs&Kisses, Melbourne, with support from LA Pocock and Infinity Blade.