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The Mess+Noise Magazine

Matching paper to pixel, Mess+Noise magazine was a bi-monthly companion piece to this website. With 10,000 copies distributed around the capital cities of Australia, Mess+Noise magazine is perfect bound, printed on gloss and full of Australia's best young writers, photographers, graphic designers and, of course, musicians.

Mess+Noise magazine is dedicated to showing Australian music in a different and evocative light. Photo essays, art pieces by musicians, inquisitive: Interviews and idiosyncratic reviews: Intermingle throughout the pages. Mess+Noise: definitely not available in the supermarket.

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Issue Fifteen
September - October 2007

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The Dismissal: In this election year why does so little Australian music matter politically?; Kitchens, Bathrooms, Anywhere: As Shiver Like Timber Betony Dircks has let her imagination run free; Storytellers: From five cities on three continents, some of Australia's best songwriters call to talk about the stories behind their music; Deep Water: A night in the studio with Brisbane alt-country duo Texas Tea; Once Upon A Time In The West: When a corporation wanted to stop live music at Perth's Hyde Park Hotel it appeared a done deal; The World's A Stage: The Mess+Noise poster who really could - Muscles - documents what he's seeing these days; The Man Who Would Be King: Tim Rogers has just made "the most depressing record ever put to vinyl" and he couldn't be happier; My Space: A look inside the small worlds that five artists call their very own; Country Sounds: The Smallgoods survived rural bogans and digital despair to make their new album; Second Time Lucky: Damn Arms are happy to be heard and not scene; Break It Down: Sydney's Guns Are For Kids are taking rock & roll to pieces and starting again from scratch; Suicide Solution: The characters and true stories behind 'Lethal Weapons', the just-reissued Australian punk compilation from 1978; The Paper Scissors' Night Out; Charge Group: Sydney's Charge Group will not be rushed; "I Want More Mystery": Spider Vomit's Hannah and Gill explain what makes their band tick; Favourites With Duke Magazine; Almanac: Music for your day with a slew of new releases reviewed, On Play with Adam D Mills and DVDs with Ben Gook; Wish You Weren't Here!

Issue Fourteen
July - August 2007

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Midnight's Children: Midnight Juggernauts are filling clubs of all kinds across the world; Magic Dirt's Adalita and Dean reflect on 16 years of music and their new double shot of noise; Patience Hodgson from The Grates records her day at Brisbane's inaugural Pauhaus Festival; Ambition ain't a dirty word for eclectic Sydney trio Soft Tigers; Fowl Intentions: Sydney design duo Greedy Hen hope their work is like a baseball bat to the back of your head; The many sides of Mist & Sea; Young And Restless: Indonesian siblings form metal band with maths teacher and advertising type...; Rob MacManus; It's a life of sea and song for New Buffalo's Sally Seltmann; Architecture in Helsinki go around the world in 80 ways; Catherine Kelleher goes from DIY punk to hip-hop with Catcall; Geoff O'Connor steps aside from Crayon Fields for Sly Hats; Favourites with Iggy & Lou Lou; Almanac with Music for your day with a slew of new releases reviewed; On Play covers the NZ sound with Richard McFarlane and Retrospective looks back at Crow.

Issue Thirteen
May - June 2007

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Get The ATParties Started; Ohana: The Children of Radiohead and My Disco; Everything Counts: Expatriate's Ben King talks about his years of living dangerously; Love of Diagrams' American tour documented by photographer Lauren Bamford; Born Free: The Beasts of Bourbon return with a new album and some old tricks; Sweet Ride with Kes; Role With It: A Dappled Cities tour diary; X Stood Alone; Collective Bargaining: Sydney's Chooch-a-Bahn are recreating DIY for the next generation; Earning A Crust with Schifosi; From Sir, With Love; Edge Of Darkness; Perth's Bank Holidays, For Whom The Belles (Will Ring) Toll; Favourites with Is Not Magazine, Almanac reviews; On Play column and Bluetile Lounge Retrospective; Wish You Were Here! with Children Collide.

Issue Twelve
March - April 2007

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Economic Irrationalism with Alex Jarvis, At All Points Of The Compass: Five Days With Art Of Fighting, Changing Lanes: St Jerome's Laneway Festival, The Road Warrior: Dan Kelly, Work, No Rest And Play With Teenagersintokyo, Snaps Crackles Pops: Paul Gough : Aka Pimmon, Bit By Bats, Choice Trup: Toby Morris Inks Batrider's New Zealand Tour, Counting The Beat With The Cops, Come As You Are: Violent Soho Are Ready To Smash And Grab, Tasmanian Devils: Duncan Ewington's Photographic Work, Home Is Where The Art Is With Institut Polaire, "Over The Horizon I Can't See": Kim Salmon On 30 Years Of Bands, Crash Barriers With Aleks And The Ramps, Favourites With Young Lovers, Masses Of Reviews, On Play With Matt Giles, Wish You Were Here!

Issue Eleven
January - February 2007

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The 2006 Critics' Poll, The 2006 Users' Poll, The 2006 Best + Worst Cover Art, The Children Of The Evolution: Children Collide, Midnight Juggernauts' European Vacation, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere: The Pharaohs, The Pikelet Recipe: Evelyn Morris, Hot Hot Heat: The Super8 Benefit, One Night Stand: Kamikaze Trio, Where We Already Live: Deloris, Plugged In: The Cants, Should We Talk About The Weather: SubAudible Hum, Know Your Product, The Sound Of White, Fantales And Fridge Amps: Baseball In The Studio, The Speed Of Light: Rand & Holland, A Day In The Park: Homebake Portfolio, Favourites With Young Lovers, Almanac, On Play With Emmy Hennings, Wish You Were Here! / Next Issue.

Issue Ten
November - December 2006

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In The City With Jon Chapple, Sarah Blasko: Breaking The Waves, In The Studio With Aleks & The Ramps, Scaling The Sound Summit at TINA, My Disco Inferno, From Hollywood To Centrelink with The Panda Band, Child Welfare and We Buy Your Kids, Joseph Leonard: Take Nine, A.K.A. Now: Macromantics, The Valentinos: Young And Full Of The Devil, Snowman's Perth, Chris Gorman: "I Just Want To Play With My Friends", Disposable Heroes Of Photography: Gersey, Mapping The Frequencies, Family First with Death in The Family, In Transit With Darren Hanlon, Favourites With Adam Cruickshank, On Play With Andrew Ramadge, A Retrospective On X, Q&A With Spider Vomit.

Issue Nine
September - October 2006

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A Retrospective on You Am I, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Bubble Boys: A Tour Diary with Tucker B's and Wolfmother, Q&A with Tic Toc Tokyo, Wish You Were Here with Operator Please, Heart/Noise: The Ballad of Bluebottle Kiss, Favourites with Jeremyville, Empty Shelves, On Play with David Nichols, Ground Components, Lobby Loyde: Turn It Up, Dallas Crane: A Live Photo Essay, The Young Need Discipline, In The Studio with Dappled Cities Fly, The Day Job and the Damage Done, The Drones: Great Degradations, Mountains In The Sky with Tony Dupe, Mess+Noise CD #4, Hide And Seek with LOA, Eleventh He Reaches London.

Issue Eight
July - August 2006

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Storytellers: Five Songs, Augie March: The Tour Forces You To Dream Backwards, Grey Daturas: In My Lounge, The Sleepy Jackson: Black Steele in the Hour of Chaos, Sound In Print with Batrider, Digger and the Pussycats, Right Place, Muscles: Five Months, Ned Collette, Right Time with Daniel Boud, In The Studio with Actor/Model, Wolf & Cub's Adelaide, Community Radio, Australia's Next Top Model, On Play with Troy D. Colvin, Q+A with Holly Throsby, Next Issue, A Retrospective on The Triffids.

Issue Seven
May - June 2006

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The Gladiator: Russell Crowe Live, Locals In London, Grant McLennan 1958-2006, Iron On in Canada, Pete Wells 1946-2006, Locals In London, DHOP with Always, Indiescribable - Pete Cohen, Sound In Print, Triosk, The Blacklist, Batrider, In The Studio with Ninetynine, Favourites with Princess Tina, HTRK and Witch Hats in Sydney, A Retrospective with The Paradise Motel, Q&A with Bob Evans, Kiosk, On Play with Shane Moritz, Ninetynine: In The Studio.

Issue Six
March - April 2006

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Retrospective: Girlfriend, BDO on an SLR, On Saturday with The Thaw, Hunting... The Stickmen, Q+A with Death Mattel, Favourites with Tin&Ed, Alter in art vs. music, Fuck the wagon - Come join the band, The Tigers vs. The Sabretooth Tigers, People's Spaces, Jed Whitey, The Space In Between, Children of the Night, Recording Cat Power.

Issue Five
January - February 2006

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Favourites with Mess+Noise, How to Make a Documentary and Influence Me, JT on Film, Q+A with The Rich, Remake Remodel On Saturday, A Deloris Tour Diary, Thanks For Coming, The Holy Soul, Disposable Heroes of Photography with Laura, Jack Ladder, Fields of Paper, Eva Collado, Temper Temper Top 5, Field of Dreamers: The Crayon Fields let loose.

Issue Four
November - December 2005

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The Nation Blue, Minimum Chips' Melbourne, Group Seizure, Cardboard Chateau, Favourites with Alpha 60, Q+A with Naked On The Vague, Food On The Way Home, On Saturday with Terror Machine, Notes From The North West, Memes Of A Mixtape, Cannibalismo Oz Style, The Devastations.

Issue Three
September - October 2005

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Shihad In Orange, GOD, Tucker B's, Love Of Diagrams U.S. Tour, Baseball Tour Diary, Favourites with Gorman, On Saturday with Jerusalem, Radio Hauraki : Sounds of the Sea, Q+A with Drama For Yamaha, Purplene. RIP 1997 - 2005, Emigrating Talent, Augie March: Build Stuff, Witch Hats.

Issue Two
July - August 2005

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Souls On Board: 24 Hour: Interview, Dan Kelly, My Disco Get The Saturday Fever, Favourites with Ty&Co, 1QA, Obituary: The Pink Palace 1998-2005, Generic Glamour, Q+A with Dead Frenchmen, Because of Ghosts: A Tour Diary, All You Need is You : Pro-DIY Dogma, Airbourne, The Stabs, Lyrics Seemed Superfluous.

Issue One
April - May 2005

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Origami, Bird Blobs, The Art of Architecture in Helsinki, Mark Hartley: Video Auteur, A Grand Salvo: Interview, A Shred Of Utopia To Decipher, The Someloves Revisited, Favourites with PAM, Q+A with Expatriate, Love of Diagrams, Art Department, DHOP: Preteen Braves, Archaic Forms, A Marriage Made In Maitland, Jack Mannix.

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