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Tame Impala Working On Synth-Based Album

News posted Wednesday, May 19 2010 at 01:00 PM.
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Tame Impala Working On Synth-Based Album

Their debut album Innerspeaker is just days away from an official release, but Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker is more excited about its follow-up.

Speaking to M+N yesterday (May 18), Parker said he’s started working on the band’s second album with their blonde mop of a drummer Jay Watson. Inspired by Todd Rundgren’s 1973 concept album A Wizard, a True Star, the pair have been demoing tracks incorporating analog synths, which Parker recently purchased on eBay. He described the new material as a “major departure”.

“On this next album, it’s going to open up completely what we can do sonically and songwriting [wise],” Parker told M+N. “It’ll be the kind of music that I felt as though I wanted to make during Innerspeaker, but I felt that it was too much of a jump. Back when I was doing Innerspeaker, I felt like I should make an album with only guitars, and use no synths, because I felt like it was a compromise to what we do. But I now know that it’s not.”

He said he hopes to have the new album recorded by the end of the year. “We’ll probably record it at home,” he said. “We’ve written a lot of stuff for it, a lot of demos, so we’re just compiling at the moment."

Innerspeaker is out through Modular on May 21. Full interview with Parker will be online soon.


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Your Comments

Pitchforkmedia  said about 5 years ago:

They better watch their step, or their buzzband status will be violently removed from their stiff paisley lapels.

Jackbratt  said about 5 years ago:

Second album syndrome, very few bands make it through.

__v  said about 5 years ago:

it looks like they're about to start working on an mmmbop-based album

Bob Saget  said about 5 years ago:

They should have made their debut a double album - kill the second album syndrome thing straight away.

josejones  said about 5 years ago:

lovin' that they're listening to Todd!

Digital  said about 5 years ago:

You could hear the nazz kind of vibe in their music anyway. I doubt they personally really give a shit about their ''buzzband'' status.

josejones  said about 5 years ago:

fucking great call re: the nazz. spot on. i don't know how people hear cream...

sam--maher  said about 5 years ago:

i think this will be interesting, their influences and style is too good and broad to lead into generic synth-pop-psychedelia. i have complete trust in this. looking forward to hearing something different from them.

i think they will be one of those bands that constantly progresses their sound but never loses their original spark. they will be big.

whatwhat  said about 5 years ago:

i don't know how people hear cream


josejones  said about 5 years ago:

yeah, i think it's in there somewhere, but it's filtered through other stuff, particularly dungen.

Dan_Crad  said about 5 years ago:

Agreed on the Nazz comment - Nazz, esp Rundgren, were influenced massively by Cream, so not surprised that people compare TI to either of those bands.

Goal attack  said about 5 years ago:

Digging these groovers

ImBored  said about 5 years ago:

fags. all of them.

voidster  said about 5 years ago:

i don't know how people hear cream...

half full glass of wine has a lot of the cream in it - harmonies, riffs and the guitar sound in particular... with the rest of their tunes i know what you mean

ImBored  said about 5 years ago:

hfgow = 5yo

IronMic  said about 5 years ago:

so are they already anticipating all the retro guitar band ripoff ribbing about their new album? ''hey look, we're not completely stuck in the past. we like synths too!''. or are they now moving into the 70's?

ImBored  said about 5 years ago:

erly 70's

columbo  said about 5 years ago:

ah, haterz ease off: these young dudes are killer and yer all bitter twisted honkies yo

SPOD  said about 5 years ago:

I heard their record and it's pretty fucking good. I fear they'll make an awesome synth record, too.

sam--maher  said about 5 years ago:

i think so too SPOD

hillsonghoods  said about 5 years ago:

I really hear a lot of Dungen in the record. A few weeks back I heard a song on JJJ I thought was Kasabian and was surprised to hear it back announced as Tame Impala.

stevereich  said about 5 years ago:

I fear, Watson, that these guys may be the real fucking deal from what I've heard so far

temporarybenbutler  said about 5 years ago:

They'd be better if they learned how to end their songs properly when playing live.

ImBored  said about 5 years ago:

obvs too busy being full time stoners

stevereich  said about 5 years ago:

Was hoping this was going to sound a bit less like doesn't

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