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Nile Rodgers To Play Aus Hits At Golden Plains

News posted Wednesday, February 22 2012 at 02:00 PM.
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Nile Rodgers To Play Aus Hits At Golden Plains

It’s just over two weeks until the sold-out Golden Plains, and one of the event’s most iconic acts, legendary producer/composer Nile Rodgers, has dropped a few hints as to how his set with CHIC might take shape.

Writing on his blog, Rodgers said he was thinking of adding some songs “because they were #1 singles for many weeks Down Under”.

“Throughout the world, most people don't know what music I've been responsible for,” he (rather modestly) wrote. “Maybe this tour could serve as a getting-to-know-me tour because it's my first time performing in Australia?”

As well as a set-list from a performance in Japan last year (including no less than five songs with “dance” in the title), Rodgers posted a list of six chart-topping hits, which may or may not form part of his Golden Plains set: ‘Le Freak’ by CHIC, ‘Upside Down’ by Diana Ross, INXS’ ‘Original Sin’, Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’ and ‘Into The Groove’ and David Bowie’s ‘Dancing In The Street’. (No ‘Soulmate No.9'?)

Rodgers also mentioned he was thinking of combining the tour, which includes dates at Syndey’s Metro (March 5) and Melbourne’s Billboard (March 7), as well as a set at Playground Weekender in NSW (March 2-4), with promotion of his memoir, Le Freak. “I'm going to write my promoter and publisher to see if they've got open-minds and if I can possibly pull this off with So Little Time.”

Rodgers recently spoke to M+N sister site FasterLouder about an upcoming collaboration with Daft Punk. “We were just jamming at my house, but it’s gonna be proper and real,” Rodgers told FL. “They came over to my today around breakfast time and it’s now evening I basically had to almost kick them out. We were having so much fun just in an informal setting that we decided to make it formal. And it’s very formal. It’s gonna be amazing.”

Golden Plains takes place at the Supernatural Amphitheatre in Meredith, Victoria, from March 10-12. Full line-up here.


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Kit  said about 3 years ago:

You just broke my heart with that setlist, was hoping to hear ''Why'' and be transmuted into a golden beam of light and ascend into musical heaven

SallySimpson  said about 3 years ago:

Are you going to GP, Kit?

Kit  said about 3 years ago:

nah, but have been trying to convince myself to go and gayballs it up for $70 on a Monday night. If it was a Friday I'd have bought tix half a nanosecond after they went on sale...

Ralph Malph  said about 3 years ago:

Polyster City Store

wed 7th march a chat and book signing

untold/animals  said about 3 years ago:

untold/animals  said about 3 years ago:

Welcome to Australia.

MapoozR.Brown  said about 3 years ago:

Slap bass?

Kit  said about 3 years ago:

Gig of the year.

Ralph Malph  said about 3 years ago:

Don't forget NILE RODGERS instore signing/Q&A tomorrow at our Flinders Lane store at 5pm! Looks like he'll be playing solo too! WTF! Pumped!

esquared  said about 3 years ago:

WHOA SICK, I'll be flying in that day, hope i make it in!

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