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Crowdfunding In Brief: Schoolhouse Studios, Red Rattler, Darling Downs, SLAM

News posted Friday, April 26 2013 at 09:00 AM.
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Crowdfunding In Brief: Schoolhouse Studios, Red Rattler, Darling Downs, SLAM

– Besides providing affordable workspace for artists across various media, Melbourne’s Schoolhouse Studios has hosted bands like Deerhoof, New War, Thee Oh Sees, Client Liaison and Oliver Mann at their Nicholson Street location (pictured). However, the not-for-profit organisation vacated that site this month and are relocating to a new one on Rupert Street in Collingwood. Schoolhouse is now raising funds to build the interior of the new site, complete with “a public precinct with café, gallery, event space and play area for ongoing engagement and interaction with the wider community.” 
Says the Pozible page: “Our aim is to create a space that reflects the last two and a half years of operations. The exhibitions, music, parties, conversations, collaborations and joy.” Donations are open now. See the video below for a heartening glimpse of what’s in store.

– Sydney’s Red Rattler Theatre has also put out a call for donations. The four- year-old live-performance venue and “alternative creative space” is based in a Marrickville warehouse originally purchased by five co-founders. Now two of them are moving on to new projects and ‘The Rat’ is “embarking on a journey to become a self-sustaining, community-owned space.” The remaining co-founders need to raise at least $40,000 to buy a 40% share of the building. The completely volunteer-run, independent, not-for-profit space has hosted over 400 performances to date. Rewards for donating include: invites to the venue’s June festival; Rat badges, tees and totes; an opportunity to adopt a rat to scurry the walls of the Red Rattler carrying your name; and the chance to host your own event there.

– As revealed in Aaron Curran’s interview with Kim Salmon pre-Dig It Up, there is indeed a third Darling Downs album on the way. It’s called In the Days When the World Was Wide and boasts “a lot more elaborate” production by the band’s standards, with piano, percussion and bass added to the core guitar and banjo balladry. The duo of Salmon and fellow Australian rock legend Ron S Peno of Died Pretty and The Superstitions are accepting pledges to pay for the album’s publicity, marketing and pressing on CD and vinyl. Darling Downs previewed the new material in February at the St Kilda Festival, bolstered by Jeff Hooker on bass and Michael Stranges on drums and keyboards. More thoughts from Salmon on the new record: “Ron would say of this album that we’ve moved away from the Appalachians in the 1940s to Greenwich Village in the 1960s. There is a whole lot more Simon and Garfunkel here than before.”

SLAM (Save Live Australia’s Music) has been utilising crowdfunding platform Pledge Music to raise “fighting funds”: “We need to raise up to $10,000 per state per year to help cover operational costs and future sustainability.” To that end, the grassroots action group presents the second in a series of limited 7” singles and digital releases. It’s a cover of The Reels’ 1981 crossover oddity – and enduring Australian classic – ‘Quasimodo’s Dream’ by Gotye with Perfect Tripod (i.e. Eddie Perfect and a cappella group Tripod). The spooky, floating, vocal-only rendition has been around for a bit now, but pledges are open until May 15. It follows the initial reward 7”, featuring Tim Rogers and two-time You Am I producer Lee Ranaldo (also of Sonic Youth fame) covering each other’s songs.


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