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Premiere: Zone Out ‘This Place’

News posted Friday, August 16 2013 at 11:00 AM.
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You can count on anything sung by Melbourne’s Ashley Bundang to be gorgeous – which extends to her backing vocals on the new Ocean Party single – but the rest of her solo-project-turned-band Zone Out do their part to make ‘This Place’ a dreamy standout.

As the presser puts it, credit goes to “the gliding guitar” of Dove Bailey (ScotDrakula), “the twinkling keyboard lines” of Elizabeth Mitchell (Totally Mild) and “the perfect minimalist beat” of Zahra Khamissa (who, like Bundang, plays in both Hot Palms and Pencil).

Living very much up to the name of the band, the wintry pop gem is the first proper single from the five-song EP Something Less, out next Friday (Aug 23) jointly through Melbourne micro-labels Osborne Again (50-run cassette) and 
Why Don’t You Believe Me? (CD) as well as digitally.

Something Less follows last year’s self-titled EP, which we compared to classic indie pop duo The Softies, and includes January’s single ‘What’s Missing?’. Prior to Zone Out, Bundang recorded under the more instrumental and experimental banner of White Australians.

You can download ‘This Place’ free now with the B-sides ‘Clothes (Still Sick of It)’ and ‘Care to Please’. Later this month, the song will get a video clip directed by Bailey’s sister Lizzy. Look for an interview with Bundang soon on M+N.


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