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Video Premiere: Primitive Calculators ‘Dead’, ‘Why’

News posted Thursday, July 3 2014 at 09:00 AM.
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Video Premiere: Primitive Calculators ‘Dead’, ‘Why’

When Melbourne synth-punk elders Primitive Calculators programmed Rage at the end of May – a fairly unexpected development, it must be said – the band debuted videos for two songs off their 2013 album The World is Fucked.

Now we’ve got a hold of them, for premiering outside of TV land. Matthew Ellery’s clip for ‘Dead’ was filmed in a community theatre space in Heidelberg, with lighting effects by Tarek Ishak, while Robin Plunkett’s clip for ‘Why’ was filmed under the Flemington Bridge. Both feature the band making a pretty strong case for why that album was worth waiting three and a half decades for. That’s right: in case you didn’t know, Prim Calcs started in the late ’70s and quickly established themselves as icons without even having a studio album to their name.

The band’s stint on Rage spanned such strange bedfellows as ABBA, Cannibal Corpse, Michael Jackson, the Easybeats, the Bee Gees, The Velvet Underground and The Saints. ‘Dead’ and ‘Why’, meanwhile, were described by M+N contributor Everett True as – respectively – “filler [that] still sounds more vital than 20 generations of your fucking asshole-wipe triple-j-chasing Sydney middle-class-entitled asshole shits” and “even nastier and more alienated and vengeful and repetitive and with those drums pounding into your head like a jackhammer morning spent without any fucking coffee cos that cunt of a bus driver wouldn’t allow you to take it on the bus with you.” Trust us: it makes more sense in the context of the review.

The World is Fucked is out now on CD, vinyl and digital through Chapter Music. Primitive Calculators will play an a cappella show at The Old Bar as Pocket Calculators on Sunday, August 17 with The All Seeing Hand, Heads of Charm and Diploid.


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Perfect thursday morning pick me up.

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added info for next gig (a cappella!)

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