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...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Comment I Made 2 days ago

I think he means a couple of years back when they did the Source Tags anniversary shows.

Live Report: Repressed Records Presents... @ Vivid LIVE

Comment I Made 4 days ago

That made the news? Lol

Jack Watts & the M.F.C. Appreciation Society

Comment I Made 5 days ago

I hope that story about Boyd is true.

Sydney Swans/SMFC

Comment I Made 6 days ago

Bloody ripper. I was tempted to be smart arse to Hawks fans walking out but I decided to take the moral high ground. But jeez that was bloody satisfying.

The Drones, Royal Headache, The Preatures Announced For Vivid 2015

Comment I Made 6 days ago

How was there that many police there in the first place?

The Rage Thread!

Comment I Made 7 days ago

Jebediah tonight. Disappointed they're only playing Leaving Home four times.


Comment I Made 7 days ago

I can't help but partially agree with the article chuckler posted. He phones it in most of the time.

Carlton F.C

Comment I Made 7 days ago

I support Sydney and even I'm scared by how badly you're gonna lose next week.

X - Files

Comment I Made 11 days ago

Yep, I'm almost finished season 1. Scully is such a babe but I've got an even bigger crush on Mulder.

State of Origin 2015

Comment I Made 11 days ago

NSW will get flogged


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