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Comment I Made 17 hours ago

Just watched the first episode of Saved By The Bell. Screech looks 10

Jack Watts & the M.F.C. Appreciation Society

Comment I Made 23 hours ago

They'd all be shit if they were at Melbourne

Parquet Courts

Comment I Made 2 days ago


Dead (not injured). Thread for announcements of folks who have died recently

Comment I Made 4 days ago


20+ Bands Celebrate ‘The Blurst of Times’

Comment I Made 5 days ago

*fairly well run

20+ Bands Celebrate ‘The Blurst of Times’

Comment I Made 5 days ago

Yeah, did seem pretty low on numbers but it seemed fairly well and I liked the location.
Beatbox burgers are really bland. Not worth $12. Wish I just got 4 Villis pies for the same price in the bar. Blank Realm killed it and that's the best I've seen UV play for about 5 years

Sugar Mountain Reveals 2015 Lineup

Comment I Made 5 days ago

Let's hang Mr Face

Forthcoming: Pinch Hitter

Comment I Made 5 days ago

Or Spotify it like me. Will buy soon though.

Summer of cricket 2014-2015

Comment I Made 7 days ago

Yup. Dunk made 220 odd.

Summer of cricket 2014-2015

Discussion I Made 8 days ago

Tigers on track for a big score but it's at North Sydney so anything below 300 is rubbish


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