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Plastic Palace Alice - Like A Light

Comment I Made about 3 years ago

I mixed these guys at the Birmy for their residency.. They hated being compared to arcade fire... But...

Sydney Rd, Melbourne.

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

I miss not living in Coburg, Sydney road was always tops to just jump on a tram and head down. Fortunately now I'm going to be living in Pascoe Vale from Tuesday, so it's just a walk down to Sydney road then.

KEGGIN - Saturday 26th of Feb

Discussion I Made about 4 years ago

Who else is going? I'll be there. Playing guitar and singing, but I'll still be there. It's at the Brunswick Hotel, and if you really want to, you can check out the facebook event here. Thanks

Anyone who want's to have a drunken kinda night. I think this is probably the show for you.

Graveyard Train, East Brunswick Club 18/12/10.

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

How were those two shows?


Comment I Made about 4 years ago

Ah, I love crackbook

Studying - What should I Do?

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

The only reason to get my degree in engineering though would be to further my so called paper qualifications, where as I have mixed around 700 bands already, so I'm as experienced as I'm going to get. That's my opinion anyway.

Studying - What should I Do?

Discussion I Made about 4 years ago

So the point of this thread I guess is to post what you're tossing up between doing, and then let other people decide for you. I know Uni starts back soon, but there's no shortage of 3 or 6 month courses out there.

So i'll go first.

Teaching or my degree in Sound Engineering?


Comment I Made about 4 years ago

Trade your Chris Isaak ones for his melbourne show and go to Motorhead!

2011 travel plans

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

A Winter Trip to The Netherlands and Germany is defiantly on the cards.

Breaking News: No More Music At Melbourne’s Birmy

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

I must admit, the Birmy is just... dead now. 3 of the bar staff lost their jobs also when the change was made. So that's 5 people in total. Luke's shifts as well have been cut back and so have the manager, Al's. There is a jukebox from a country pub living in the band room, the wall has been knocked back out, the pool table is back and now there's Carlton Draught on tap.

I still sit at the bar and enjoy a beer every now and then, but quite honestly, there's no way near the social aspect of it anymore. Usually it's just Luke and I talking about TV shows.

Anyway, that's my two cents for anyone who wanted to know how it's going. I bloody wish there was more work for a sound guy in this city.


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I'm the inhouse sound guy at the Birmingham Hotel, Haiyo! I also play in a band called Keggin, so you can find us and our booze punk ways, um here.

and you can get my sound guy myspace at

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