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Record Store Day: In-Stores, Sales & More

Comment I Made about 12 months ago

RECORD PARADISE New location at 15 Union St Brunswick.

12:30 Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier 1:30 The Morning After Girls 2:30 Fraser A Gorman 3:30 Courtney Barnett

DJs: TJ, Denver Maxx, Wally, Mary + special guests

Pitchfork Doesn’t ‘Get’ Catcall

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

Clubfeet - Gold on Gold - 7.7. Chuck that in ya rankings.

Experience Splendour Like A VIP Without Actually Being One

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

I once saw Sid from The Vasco Era AND Patience from The Grates in the gold area... pretty amazing.

Courtney Barnett

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

Courtney Barnett residency starts this Tuesday in the front bar at The Tote... pretty cool list of supports. Should be a good vibe! Check out details here.

Touring News: Clubfeet, Blind Date Tour, Jonathan Boulet

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

Clubfeet. Funny and awesome. Haven't seen them live so I'm looking forward to these gigs!

The Vasco Era: ‘We’re Too Old To Ever Get Big’

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

We've all got shitty records that we loved at one time or another. For most of us these albums now gather dust in a shelf or in a box at home. Sid's shitty records (and the good ones) are what informed his song-writing, for better or worse those personal tastes are documented in his own writing and recording.

Sid's honesty in this interview is such a breath of fresh air. I reckon 95% of bands start out by aping whatever is ''cool'' for them and their buddies. But for some reason no-one ever admits that. He's been trying to find a musical and lyrical voice a over three albums and 10 years and he's almost there. For some its easy but for others its a journey, a compelling one.

The Vasco Era are one of my favourite bands to see in Australia.

Hartney On Little Red Exit: ‘It’s Been A While Coming’

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

''Place Called Love'' was the best song off Little Red's last album. Timeless good shit!

Lower Plenty – Hard Rubbish

Comment I Made about 1 year ago

This album hasn't left my turntable since record store day! Despite its brevity it is still such a lovely journey.

'Nullabor' is outrageously gorgeous. To me it feels like a sequel or prequel or cousin to Dick Diver's Keno.

Watch: The Temper Trap Vs Karate Kid

Comment I Made about 2 years ago

Temper Trap are a guilty pleasure. I like that clip!

Classical Gas: How The Melba Millions Could Be Better Spent

Comment I Made about 2 years ago

Mind you, Barry Tuckwell has been nominated for more Grammys than Wolfmother and Cut Copy combined. Undeniably Australia's greatest ever French Horn player.


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