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Comment I Made about 1 year ago

Kitchen’s Floor - Loneliness is a Dirty Mattress

Comment I Made about 3 years ago

^ missing link had copies when I went in a couple of days ago.

x-ray spex

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

So sad to read this. Poly was a pioneer. Germfree Adolescents is one hell of an album, gonna listen to it now.

Books Read 2011

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

Recent reads:

*The Volcano Lover *- Susan Sontag

I enjoyed this a lot, so intelligent and entertaining.

Veronica - Mary Gaitskill

Affecting without being mawkish. I think in a way, this line sums up the novel for me: ''Ugliness had broken through into beauty and flown into death with it, pinwheeling and joyous in its pain''.

The Diving Pool - Yoko Ogawa

Creepy short stories based around people who are bitter, lonely and isolated. I want to check out one of her novels next.

The Yellow Wallpaper - Charlotte Perkins Gilman

A feminist allegory from the late 19th Century, still important/relevant today.

Darkness and a Little Light - Johannes Bobrowski

A collection of short stories that really felt more like sketches, or prose poetry. Very lyrical and I thought many of the narratives were masterfully succinct.

*Tropic of Cancer *- Henry Miller

I'm currently about halfway through, Miller is kind of insufferable and a misogynistic dickhead in a lot of this, but it's been worth persevering for the moments when he is brilliantly incisive and aware.


Comment I Made about 4 years ago

Damnnn. Have to cross fingers and hope for a repress I guess. Also, wish I'd had $$/sense to pick up DADD on LP up at her gig last year, 3rd pressing of that seems to be sold out now too. Just giving A I A its first few listens, enjoying it a lot.

eat skull

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

Really looking forward to their gig with The Renderers and Slug Guts. Killer lineup.

New Music: Circle Pit, Tall Buildings, Lowtide, Underlapper

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

Lowtide sound a helluva lot like Slowdive...enjoyable if not wholly original. Would be interested to see what they're like live. I like the CP tracks, seems like a random departure from their previous sound...

Kitchen's Floor - 7''

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

That live at deadshits cassette is great.

Did you buy any records this week? Mk III

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

Dial M for Motherfucker - Pussy Galore Nostalgia - HTRK The Burning World - Swans

New Album For HTRK

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

I've been enjoying listening to their mixtape series a lot lately, the Mixtape for Sean especially is pretty moving and great. They just posted a new one the other day if anyone's interested.


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