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Thee Oh Sees are awesome

Comment I Made about 4 years ago

Also looking for a ticket for a friend for either of the Tote shows. PM if anyone has a spare, cheers.


Comment I Made about 8 years ago

Then Wheels is called a ''stupid'' jerk by the Erica twin, and Snake looks really disappointed. Hey mindspray you broomhead, I got 'Degrassi: School's Out' back from Windsor today, so it will be ready for the weekend.


Discussion I Made about 8 years ago

Why is Snake's face so orange?

Peter Coombe.

Comment I Made about 8 years ago

his show at the corner was amazing. two encores! i love the fact that for his second encore he had to play newspaper mama again as he'd run out of songs, but this time it was just a little bit faster. He's playing the Espy in August.

ipod survey

Comment I Made about 8 years ago

!!! to Zoot Woman


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