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such as pasta and pizza served on wooden boards. wooden boards


''You'll still have to get up to order a beer'' “I never really frequented it in its old state''

Fuck. This dude sounds like a tool. RIP Empress. A pub I was proud to say was my local. Played my first ever gigs there. Saw some amazing music. Took a few dates there that ended up being impressed by my grungy sensibilities, or something. Thanks.

Where's my fucken NBN

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Thanks. When I said get it installed anytime now, that means I can call and sign up and they'll do it all or do I still have to wait for the NBN box?

Where's my fucken NBN

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Also, when I get it installed inside, can I choose where I want it to go?

Where's my fucken NBN

Comment I Made about 2 months ago

So I got a letter saying ''the NBN is now available in your street''. I was under the impression I'm supposed to have some kind of NBN box on the wall outside my house, they called me up months ago to say they have to dig a bit in my front yard, but haven't seen anything. Am I just one of the last on my street to get it installed, or does this mean I can just get it installed anytime now?

fuck this... I'm going to Rotterdam

Comment I Made about 3 months ago

Lived in Utrecht for six months. Was pretty spectacular, I highly recommend a visit. Great uni town that is like a smaller Amsterdam without the hordes of English lager lads on bucks weekends. If you like a smoke, go to the Culture Boat. Trust me.

Good festival I went to was Motel Mozaique. Great music and you sleep in art galleries and other artistic spaces on huge piles of pillows and are woken up with massages and soft ukulele music from a troupe of beautiful Dutch girls (this is actually part of the festival).

Every band that tours Europe tours the Netherlands, so no point even going into music, there's just so much. Stacks of festivals, and since everything is like 30min-1hr away, you can easily go to festivals in other cities, or even drive over to France, Belgium or Germany.

magic mushrooms

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cough... if anyone can help out...


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ohh good stuff. thanks!


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I'd wait until you see how the government's education policies play out. I wouldn't want to be paying full fees for a PhD - the financial burden would be enormous.

They could charge you retrospectively?? I was thinking that getting in now would be good before anything is set in stone?

You should be able to get an APA right off the bat! Also, have you written an honours/master level bit of research ?

It's crazy competitive! I got an H1 average in my last qual, have written two master's level thesis (only 15,000 words each though, were coursework quals) and got H1 for both, and still got denied last time I applied at a couple of unis. I was told you basically have to have published something or have a super high H1 average, which I don't.


Comment I Made about 6 months ago

So.. big decisions... I'm trying to decide whether a PhD is worth it. I have two masters degrees, one in policy and one in education. I want to, well, get into education policy for the gov, or for a nonprofit. Basically anything to do with increasing access to, and quality of, education. I taught for a while, not my thing.

I was offered a partial scholarship by a professor to work on a phd project in education with him, i.e. he would cover the first year then help me apply for an APA.

So, my concerns are that 1. I'm 30 and basically already have a patchy work history, taking another 4 years to study will mean I am 34 and probably have to start from the bottom again. I'm in an entry level job now which took me a year to find. 2. I am not very disciplined, I tend to leave things to the last minute which you obviously cannot do with a PhD 3. I am pretty sure I don't want to be a professor.

Any thoughts on my concerns or the situation outlined above that? Would love some advice.


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