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Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

After four years absence, the Bad Seeds are back, in fine form. A taster for the forthcoming album, the title track is inspired by what Cave claims is his favorite Biblical miracle, and sees the reborn Lazarus cast adrift in modern day New York City, to make his way as best he can, living out the new life he never asked for.

It’s a kind of gritty, clattering 80s funk rock, layered with distorted guitar and frenzied organ, and would not sound out of place at any stage in the Seeds? career. Driven by the same propulsive energy as, say ?Deanna? or ?Mutiny In Heaven?- at one point I expected to hear that Lazarus (or Larry, rather) had fucking wings burst from his back- it makes it’s point neatly in three and a half minutes before signing off, leaving an annoyingly catchy chorus ringing in your ears.