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Civil Civic

?Less Unless? is the debut single from Civil Civic, two Aussie musician/producers now based in Europe: one in the continental streets of Barcelona, the other in the rather grimier streets of East London. Readers here probably know Aaron from when he played guitar in Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males and Ben from his time in Legends of Motorsport. But that’s the past. ?Less Unless? is like a textbook that tells you about the future, highlighting all the important parts in fluorescent yellow pen.

Lifted off their forthcoming EP – tentatively and informatively titled EP1, it’s due for release on old stock cassette tapes in October – the song emerges from a mound of cable, patched feedback loops and a Big Muff pedal sitting on top. Throw in some guitar lines straight out of an early Cure record and the instrumental starts hitting all the right spots in a warbly, ?I’ve lost all sensation in my legs? kind of way.