Record Reviews

Track: Harmony To My Heartbeat

Sparse percussion, muted keys, breathy vocals – these are the unassuming foundations upon which Sally Seltmann’s wall of sound is built. On ?Harmony To My Heartbeat?, her first single in three years, she drops the New Buffalo moniker, fully revealing the pop classicist that reared its head, albeit in a more modern guise, on her last album Somewhere, Anywhere*. Of course, she’s always had it in her. Her 2007 co-write with Feist, *1234, showcased Seltmann’s natural ability to touch the masses without dumbing things down. And ?Harmony To My Heartbeat?, thanks to co-production by Francois Tetaz, pushes the sonic palette out even further. There are handclaps, rhythmic shifts, multi-layered harmonies and even a key change, sure, but Seltmann never lets complexity get in the way of a good hook. ?You’re the harmony to my heartbeat, baby,? she sings over and over in her wistful voice, while harmonies circle around her like angels in a manger. For God’s sake, Carol, give her the keys to the Brill Building already.