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Hornets Nest/Christmas Worms Quest for Fresh Apples

Summer jams! Speak N Spell have timed it just right in releasing this double A-side debut from Sydney’s Danimals. These two tracks seem all set for the beach party boom box – even if shit might get a little weird if said party is an Xmas family gathering.

Like a magpie’s nest, these tracks are assembled out of scavenged sounds and samples in the hyper-inclusive collagist style of Australian electronic acts such as Mountains in the Sky, Avalanches and Qua. In barely three minutes of ?Christmas Worms Quest for Fresh Apples?, for example, you get squiggling lines, pinball machines starting up, mulch, insect beats, bubble synth-saxes and a coastal riff thrown in for good measure. Underlying both tracks are some solid hip-hop beats, while Brian Wilson-esque harmonies and surf guitars – Danimals? most interesting additions to the tapestry – are layered over the top.

Danimals are a welcome, summery addition to the collage template, bursting with ideas like that kid with his hand thrust high in the front row of class, just aching to bring his shit to the table. Thing is, this kid isn’t an insufferable know-it-all like Tracy Flick from Election, more that rad kid with ADD that was heaps of fun to hang out with. Trouble is, that kid never finished what they started, and Danimals are a bit the same – all they need to work out now is how to end their tracks.