Record Reviews

Track: Ghost At The Crossroads

A mere 30 odd seconds into ?Ghost At The Crossroads?, Crow’s first new recording in more than a decade, Peter Fenton announces the band’s return by questioning it. ?There’s a ghost at the crossroads of a burned out track/Saying why are you back?? Amid the spate of band reunions – some well-intended, others nothing more than a cash grab – it’s refreshing to hear a band a little unsure about their so called right of return. Have they really earned it? And if so, will anyone still care? The answer for Crow is simple: they’ve got unfinished business to attend to, and based on this single alone, a whole lot more to say. It’s not just indie myth-building at play here. Lifted from forthcoming new album Arcane – the first in their original incarnation since 1993 – ?Ghost At The Crossroads? is truly up there among the band’s material. It’s quintessential Crow, really: Those ominous opening chords; that perfect balance between light and shade; those spectral backing vocals in the chorus; Fenton’s pointed, inward-looking gaze (?It’s just to easy to dismiss the fact to give something back/This rock’n?roll act?). It’s like they’ve never left.