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Ready for Boredom

It’s right there on the cover. Boredom. The four Bed Wettin? Bad Boys sitting around a pub’s front bar. The boredom of waiting. Waiting for the show to start. To sound-check. Waiting for that dude to bring an extra guitar amp. For the headliners – Royal Headache, UV Race, some shitty touring US band – to turn up. Maybe it’s just waiting for music to come along and excite them. Like the first time they heard KISS, Slade and, yes, early and mid-era Replacements.

It’s apparent that the aforementioned bands have had an influence on the Sydney four-piece – lead track ?Devotion? could well be about Hootenanny* or *Destroyer – but of all the bands I’ve been listening to over the last few years, it seems that BWBB have most improved in sound and songwriting. This without having changed their game plan. Not that they treat this as a game. Like they have a plan! The best way to describe their sound is still blasted, ramshackle and hell loose, but the addition of drummer Doug Gibson to the fold of brothers Nic and Ben Warnock and Joe Sukit seems to have helped the band build in confidence both in songwriting and performance. None more so than the two tracks ?Bite My Tongue? and ?Loneliness?.

Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys – Bite My Tongue by R.I.P SOCIETY RECORDS

The first could have been written by Paul Westerberg if he lived in a share house in Enmore. Nic Warnock spills his heart out onto a beer-soaked carpet as an audience stands wondering where the after-party is going to be. His gravel voice belting out lines like ?I just want to live a stress-free life.? Of being old and mature enough to walk away from a shitty situation but not too mature or old enough to stop blasting scrappy punk rock. Behind all the bombast and swagger lies a beautiful song both in sound and sentiment. Strip it back and it could be something Lower Plenty could have written. As it is, it’s a glorious piece of I’m trying really hard to articulate something here.

Sukit takes care of vocals on the album’s strongest track, ‘Loneliness’. Galloping out from the start like a faster version of The Only Ones? ?Another Girl Another Planet? before blowing out into raspy vocals and two guitar along. While he is best known as the bassist for Royal Headache, Sukit contributions here like that prove that he is a talented vocalist and songwriter.

Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys – Any Day Now by R.I.P SOCIETY RECORDS

Recorded at their Marrickville rehearsal space by Woollen Kits? Tom Hardisty, Ready for Boredom captures four guys who use rock and roll not as some kind of salvation but rather just as a way to deal with getting older. Reacting to boredom. Not in a slacker, waster style that so much of punk identifies with, but more with lasting relationships and developing/burgeoning non-music careers. Using the Thai menus stuck to the fridge more often. Perhaps the opening line of the title track sums it up best: ?I don’t wanna go out for a good time/Rather stay at home and get things done.