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A solo project for Melbourne via Perth’s Michael Miller (also one quarter of the band Fourth Floor Collapse), Microsleep is a sort of mish-mash of singer-songwriting with electronic production. Sometimes these sorts of efforts are quite draining to listen to, being neither accomplished as songs, nor as anything more than sonic clich’s. Rather than rising above the use of home technology, Microsleep is one of those projects where one can picture Miller clicking and dragging his mouse, cutting and pasting parts on his computer screen. Kind of takes away the mystery of creation, the suspension of disbelief, the essential WOW factor that is, you know, what it’s all about.

The influence of early Massive Attack programming is evident, particularly on ?Bat An Eyelid? (see Massive’s ?Safe From Harm?) and ?Winter Coat?, but, um, nowhere near as good. Miller’s whiny voice isn’t the greatest, despite all the layering and manipulation of vocals, and he doesn’t seem to be singing about anything. I really hate that. These kinds of projects really need to have punk rock energy or better songs or more exciting beats to convince these days.