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Things Behind The Sun

Sparkadia (nee the Spark) deliver their debut EP in hand-numbered form, mine being #157 of an ambitious, but not outlandish, 1000. You see, the hand-numbered distribution is to ensure that each recipient feels lucky in their purchase, containing a document of a band going places. Headed where? Straight to Nova-FM is my guess. Straying slightly from an obvious Police influence, Sparkadia have found a more definitive space over their recent gestation period, a space that is as determined as it is heart-on-sleeve. The band write pop songs made for The O.C*., or perhaps some more matured counterpart (*Heroes*?), and in doing so pave the way for a crossover from indie to mainstream *intentionally.

They’re perhaps the quintessential Sydney band in that respect, articulating what many others are thinking, leaving out the post-punk rhythms and angular guitar lines so the message isn’t ambiguous. Playing the game of insipid pop, Sparkadia are aware of the huge market awaiting them – and that’s no insult. This band will be big. They’ll be the ones with the songs on radio that will stalk you. You’ll hate them. And the impending Australian success story will be no accident – could Sparkadia be this country’s first ?alternative? pop heavyweight of the century?