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Primitive Calculators and Friends

Wowee! This fascinating companion piece to Chapter’s live Primitive Calculators release of 2004 is guaranteed to frighten the living daylights out of everyone who it doesn’t utterly inspire. This compilation of tracks documents the Little Band scene that thrived in Melbourne between 1979 and 1982. Included is the only Primitive Calculators studio recording ever released, as well as the entire Little Bands compilation, featuring various spontaneous combinations of the Prim Calcs and their friends hammering home track after track of low-fidelity synth-punk minimalism and percussive experimentation. All electronics are overdriven and all aggression is pure – this is raw and this is the real deal.

These focused people set a certain ball of punk rock momentum rolling all those years ago and I doubt it’ll stop. The influence of the ridiculous, passionate bands on this album (Too Fat to Fit Through the Door, Thrush and the Cunts and more) can be heard today in our suburbs through the more adventurous punk combos that regularly form, shift and separate with the ease of lava lamp globules. It’s proof that with you can make a movement out of thin air if you get productive with people who share a unified vision.