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Beyond Morgia: The Labyrinths of Klimster

Let’s pretend that the science fiction screenplay for which this disc would have been the soundtrack for was sensational, I mean utterly mind-boggling, at least now that we know Lobby threw the sucker on the fire the night before he bolted for London in ?76. The crazy, mad bastard! Beyond Morgia fades in on a scene evocative of deep space: vaguely masturbatory psychedelic guitar, drums drowned in echo, a blanket of electro-pulsating synths. So far, so trippy. And somewhere John Carpenter is raising an eyebrow.

Lobby was dealing with mood here big-time. Meaning it may take a few spins for his space-rock anaesthetic to take hold, but once it does, it’s an entrancing trip and cinematically unmerciful on headphones. There’s an organ so ghoulish it would give Garth Hudson, Bela Lugosi and even Ludwig Van goosebumps. With little, imaginative effort, entire movie scenes can be conjured. A hippy humanoid giving birth to a slimy mutant with a calf’s head? That of course is ?Relgon Hall?. An astronaut gripped by existential doom over his morning tea? That would be ?Threatened in Simia.? ?Return to Ether? – full-tilt, far-reaching guitar jam – is flagrant 70s intergalactic pornography. Not that I would know what that is, but the tempo seems right.