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Mood Patterns

About 18 months ago I reviewed the three track demo this band offered as their first songs put to tape, which was not distributed widely but passed around lovingly. Back then I described them as posited firmly between the Zombies and Spacemen 3, a band not dissimilar to the rest of the Sydney psych scene, but miles above them. More than a year later I’d say the same.

From the promise shown in those early recordings the Blue Mountains born five-piece have continued on that same trajectory, attempting psych pop in the way it best be attempted – meticulously crafted melody lines that unfold through complementary instrumentation, cascading harmonies and carefully considered production. Their debut album sees Belles Will Ring playing cultural pastiche with enough creativity and intelligence to do it well, a considerable achievement when most attempts at the retrograde come off sounding cheap far too easily.

Clocking in at just under 45 minutes, Mood Patterns traverses enough ground to make the 60s pop excursion an enjoyable one. This album’s good – more hits than misses – but where it’s most impressive is at the future it points to: with further lyrical maturity and songwriting consistency Belles Will Ring will obtain the esteemed future that awaits them.