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The Skips On My Record

In the lead up to their debut album launch in September long-time Perth pocket rocket New Rules for Boats have released a pocket rocket sneak peak at what to expect from it. For an EP there’s a lot to digest. In addition to the two cuts from the Steve Parkin-produced album, the full-bodied, crisply produced title track and ?Crown Me A King?, there’s a paired down, swaying version of ?I Hope That No-one Cries At My Funeral? recorded by New Rules keys player Ben Golby, an subdued acoustic version of the normally explosive ??77? and a strobe light remix of minor Triple J hit ?Not Impressed? by Perth electro producer, performer and performance artist Tom’s Ford.

In truth, my interest in New Rules for Boats in the latter half of last year waned from the initial near-fanaticism that I held for them at first. No real reason, I guess just because I’d seen almost every show of theirs possible for about 18 months. But this EP has that old feeling returning. It contains the qualities that I most adore about New Rules, which in turn are the qualities most adorable about their particular vein of heavily riffed country pop: masterful melodies and instrumentation, equal parts party time and bittersweet, and the odd unexplainable thing (yep, that’s the electroclash ?Not Impressed? remix, which is actually pretty good). On the eve of their biggest release yet, they have cleverly won me back.