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Ten Thousand Days

Ten Thousand Days* is a five-disc retrospective box set from Sydney rockers The Celibate Rifles, spanning their eight studio albums and 28 years together. Each disk was selected by a different member and contains a bonus track, re-recorded because it either ?annoyed or pissed off? the curator the most. Interestingly, fan favourites ?Back In The Red? and ?Tubular Greens? got re-recorded. For its good intentions, this collection has its problems, not least a lack of cohesion. ?The More Things Change? and ?Lazy Sunshine? are reprised twice on different disks; the later is followed, ironically, by ?New Mistakes?. It’s a shame and hopefully not widespread as the third disc (guitarist Kent Steedman’s selection) sums up the strengths of The Celibate Rifles: amazing songs loaded with biting social commentary, attitude, humour and sarcasm. Given that 1987?s *Roman Beach Party* (arguably The Rifles? best album) and many others are out of print, a reissue series of the early albums might have been wiser rather than another compilation album – those have already been well represented, notably on 1990?s excellent *Platters Du Jour, which is again out of print.