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Said One To The Other

Outside the orbit of Australian Idol*, Lisa Mitchell might appear to be another folky songstress plying her trade to friends and family in cosy venues. The difference for the Albury-based Mitchell, though, was that she found her way inside the orbit of *Idol*. Circling too were a national audience, then a major record label and big-name management. She made it to the finals but didn’t win. Nevertheless, it was clear: things were going to happen. Or at least things were going to happen, *probably.

Still seventeen years old and issuing her first EP, there’s a vulnerability and simplicity to Said One to the Other which one senses will be slowly erased from her work as the producers move in and the target-market pitch is honed. Right now Mitchell sounds like a slicked-up Claire Bowditch, a less strine Missy Higgins, an indier Audreys – which is to say she’s still at the behest of her influences and a little immature, and no amount of the Evermore-aided production here can help that. Yet there’s a glimmer of individual craft and style, particularly in the sombre drawl of her voice. All doe-eyed and misty, it’s a melancholy set, thankfully refusing the pull to a fleshed-out band rocker.

Said won’t be confused with the first musical dawdlings of a bedsit four-tracker, but nor is it a guns-blazing major-label salvo. Humility is her charm, if only it can stay at the centre of her work.