What is Mess+Noise?

Mess+Noise is an Australian music magazine first and foremost. It started out life as a bi-monthly magazine back in January 2005, but became an online institution – well-known for its vocal and active forums – when it printed its last edition back in 2007. John Howard was Prime Minister back then (you can read all about it in this classic Emmy Hennings piece), and while Australia has cycled through four prime ministers since, Mess+Noise has never wavered from its dual purpose of celebrating unique Australian music and providing a platform for writers to tell stories that wouldn’t appear in the wider music press.

The media landscape has changed significantly since our launch – and we haven’t been immune from those changes – but we’re pleased to continue the legacy created by Danny Bos, Kristy Milliken, Jacqueline Donchi, Craig Mathieson, Marcus Teague and Andrew Ramadge in a pokey CBD office more than a decade ago. Mess+Noise is part of the Junkee Media family, which also includes music sites FasterLouder and inthemix, pop culture title Junkee and travel site AWOL, a joint venture with Qantas.

So what will you find here?

Some of the best music writing this country has produced. As for new content, it won’t be appearing as often as it did in the past – but we kinda prefer it that way. One of the great things about the print magazine was its longform coverage of iconic and emerging Australian artists – and that’s something we’re going to focus on at the expense of the 24-hour news/PR cycle churn. In the meantime, there’s a great backlog of articles for you to rediscover and of, course, our newly revamped forum which is just as vibrant and vocal as ever. Click here to get involved in the discussion.

If you have any inclination to get involved in Mess+Noise please pitch ideas (not yourself) to mess at junkeemedia dot com.