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real estate agents

cloudpleaser  said about 9 years ago  or at  3:00PM on Thursday, July 6 2006 in chat

fucking grade A arseholes
i swear to god, every single one of them

CrakTheBarbarian  said about 9 years ago:


brokenbrastraps  said about 9 years ago:

There is but ONE good real estate agent I know. She is evil though.

CrakTheBarbarian  said about 9 years ago:

oh yeah...forgot about her...i retract.

brokenbrastraps  said about 9 years ago:

Good job Crak.

thegirlwhocrieddave  said about 9 years ago:

fuck... speaking of which, anon i forgot. again.

anonymous  said about 9 years ago:

no probs, nother day won't mean much.

LoadMyRig  said about 9 years ago:

paging coz....

djbollocks  said about 9 years ago:

i despise landlords far more than RE agents.

littlearch  said about 9 years ago:

i love our veryvery own rea even though i don't see enough of her

humanityisthedevil  said about 9 years ago:

real estate agents and landlords

such a tough call.

destroy both.

PumpUpTheHam  said about 9 years ago:

someday i might get a 'free market appraisal' just so I can eat REA flesh

hillsonghoods  said about 8 years ago:


we got a phone call from our real estate agents demanding a week's rent extra for bond. we have been in this house for a year, almost. on the tenancy agreement it says that we were to pay 4 weeks rent. we assumed they wanted 3 weeks rent for the bond and 1 week rent in advance. on the bond lodgement form it has 3 weeks rent on it.

now they want extra moneys. can they act inthis low and dastardly way and get away with it? i kind of figure that if they wanted more money, when we signed the tenancy agreement was the time to tell us.

any hints or tips about this?

kuroneko  said about 8 years ago:

I've never heard of a bond that wasn't equivalent to four weeks rent. Sorry dude.

michael_horse  said about 8 years ago:

yeah, ditto

generally you pay 1 months bond, and 1 months rent, not 3 weeks bond 1 weeks rent

hillsonghoods  said about 8 years ago:

in any case, it was a year ago, and i can't remember what the deal was. in any case, the agreement was signed after money was handed over (so whatever money was paid then was obviously fine as far as they were concerned then), i don't recall thinking there was any funny business at the time, and i'm sure they're trying to shaft us.

kuroneko  said about 8 years ago:

have you got a signed lease? Your copy of the bond lodgement form?

hillsonghoods  said about 8 years ago:

yeah, the signed lease says that 4 weeks rent was to be paid before the signing of the agreement, and the bond lodgement form has 3 weeks rent on it.

kuroneko  said about 8 years ago:

does your lease agreement have anything about bond on there? If it does and it states that the equicalent to four weeks rent to be paid as bond, and it's signed then they really stuffed up by only accepting the equivalent of three weeks' rent, but I don't know if they're legally able to claim that extra week.

kuroneko  said about 8 years ago:

by the way, it sounds like someone in the RE agents office wasn't paying attention.

michael_horse  said about 8 years ago:

but won't the money just be going to the bond agency anyway ?
and won't it just be 1 weeks rent ?

why not just pay it ?

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sonian  said about 1 year ago:

oooh, tricky. My inclination would be to run through the situation with your current agent now so they're up to speed. As you said, the situation has changed and it won't take long to find new tenants, so they don't have much of a reason to be annoyed. Then you can be as upfront on the cover letter as possible - say why you're breaking the lease but that you have the support of your current agent.

woolfat  said about 1 year ago:

Yeah, we are in a good position to break a lease in the sense that if they want to take us to VCAT they'll also have to own up to the fact that they've not been paying rates on our apartment (only the commercial property downstairs which is on an entirely different lease), so I doubt they'll kick up a stink about it. Furthermore, we're still owed $1700 from their previous tenant who ran off with our cash, so really I don't see how they're in a position to make our lives difficult.

I'm still nervous about telling our current REA however, in the case that they give us a 14 day to vacate notice - then we're really screwed. At the moment we feel comfortable knowing that instead of rushing and accepting the first place we get approved for, we can be picky and take our time.

Northside  said about 1 year ago:

I broke a lease two weeks ago and they already have a new tenant for when I move into my place in two weeks time. We just had to pay 350 dollars for the advertising costs. Definitely worth taking your time and setting up a new place first, maybe wait till January when the rental market fires up and it should be fairly smoothe. I'd advise against giving your REA agent notice as they are all pricks every last one of them I tells ya.

woolfat  said about 1 year ago:

Northside - I'm going to offer to find them a tenant so I don't have to pay advertising costs. It won't be hard and I even think we might be able to increase the rental price on our apartment and still find someone (it's a bit of a steal as it is!).

We have a pretty long list of places that we like already (I feel like now is a good time as no-one wants to move around Christmas time, and the market isn't inundated with students looking for sharehouses yet either). I guess my issue is just whether or not I come clean with the new REA about our current lease break, because our old REA doesn't yet know.

Northside  said about 1 year ago:

Ah I see. That's a tough one, I'm not sure how thorough the checks they do are so you may be able to get a place without declaring the lease break. Anyway good luck.

woolfat  said about 1 year ago:

thanks pal! I felt really bummed about leaving my current apartment as I have really loved living there, but I'm excited to start afresh.

rendit  said about 1 year ago:

in the case that they give us a 14 day to vacate notice - then we're really screwed.

Why would they do this? Why would the landlord agree to this? This won't happen as long as you keep paying the rent. If you do break the lease then it is your job to find a new tenant and the agent has to do sweet FA which is exactly what they want. If the agent does give you notice to vacate then it becomes their job to find a new tenant, so why the hell would they do that?

woolfat  said about 1 year ago:

I have never broken a lease before, so I'm trying to work things out. I don't know whether you've noticed, but generally Real Estate agents like to make things difficult for you and easy for them, so I feel like I've got reason for concern.

woolfat  said about 1 year ago:

thanks. I had read that, it's more a delicate juggling act at the moment. I'm currently writing an email to our REA letting them know we'll be vacating by end of Jan.

hungryhungryhippo  said about 1 year ago:

If you are in victoria, consumer affairs have launched a phone app called rent right. Suggest it could be useful when dealing with this scum.

outerspacextrapnel  said about 8 months ago:

I just thought I'd add another voice. Real estate agents are fucking middlemen thieves trying to dress themselves up as people with real power. The sooner they get swept away by some libertarian uber / paypal / ebay type technology the better. I will not regret seeing them disappear.

losgauchos  said about 8 months ago:

These guys are hilarious, looking to see a place that has been on the market over 6 months and passed in at two auctions.....but I have to be quick as there is a lot of interest in the place.

funtimes  said about 8 months ago:

^ Victoria st?

losgauchos  said about 8 months ago:

Which suburb? But its not on a Victoria St. Every time I speak to the cunt and the more shit he spins my potential low ball offer gets lower and if I put it in writing he has to show it to the seller who will shit himself.

gabbo  said about 8 months ago:

We are doing the same thing at the moment (low balling a stuck property and waiting for owners expectations to drop), but the agent, though still transparent, seems pretty chill. I think he's already received his xmas bonuses.

losgauchos  said about 8 months ago:

Yeah it has been a big year for the cunce and their greed and expectations are grandious.

This real estate boom/bubble is basically the only industry keeping Australia out of recession while they rebalance the economy and get that $A down so we can actually sell shit o/s which isn't iron ore.

Sunnyboyz  said about 5 months ago:

Here is my renting question...

I live in house with two others, whose received and signed a 'rent increase' notification, then went month to month on that new cost.

1 housemate moved out and we got in two new housemates and proceeded to sign a new lease with the new tenants. The lease said the incorrect bond amount, and the old lease amount (without the increase).

Being slightly sly, we returned the lease agreement and asked them to update the bond amount. A new lease was sent out - still with the previous (cheaper) lease amount.

So we signed it. And thought, well, if they miss their mistake twice, it's their fault.

Are we legally in the clear? can they force us to pay the increase now?

unvisible  said about 5 months ago:

They can't legally force you to, but they'll probably try anyway.

betamale  said about 5 months ago:

Lease is a binding contract so you're in the clear, but they'll probably do everything in their power to make your life hell and evict you at the earliest possible opportunity.

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