Snowman Responds

‘Mess+Noise’ caught up with Snowman’s Andy Citawarman, who is currently in London, after the Perth quartet’s remarkable win in our annual critics [poll](/articles/3449402).

How does it feel being named album of the year in our critics poll?
It’s good to know that there are people who appreciate what we do, even though we haven’t been that kind of a band who’s instantly loved by people in general.

What do these accolades mean to you? And, yes, we know it’s no Aria.
These sorts of things will keep us going in terms of challenging people’s perception of music. I do feel sometimes, ?What the hell am I doing this for, if people don’t even give a shit about us??, but things like this and touring have reminded me of things that I love the most.

The Horse, The Rat and The Swan was a difficult album to make, with the band nearly splitting up during its recording. Was going through that experience worthwhile?
Yes, it was worth it. It’s better for us personally because we were challenged mentally and physically to the point where we had to either make a decision to go ahead and finish what we started and gamble with how people would react to a difficult record, or start again, or just give up and get on with our lives. I’m glad we didn’t choose the latter options.

Are you pleased with how the album has been received?
Yes, I am. We don’t need millions of people to keep us going.

Are you working on a follow-up?
I know that [guitarist/singer] Joe [McKee] has started the writing process on his own. I’ve got an idea of a direction that we will probably go to. But since we moved to a completely foreign territory, where Snowman is virtually unknown, our focus will be to tour Europe, the UK and the US and somehow get the record [The Horse, The Rat and The Swan] out. We will then work on the next record at a time that we think will be appropriate for us to do so.

How’s life treating you in London?
It has been pretty difficult, as expected, especially now that the recession has hit England pretty hard. But I know that everyone in the band is willing to work hard to reach our goals.