New Noise: Prudence Rees-Lee, Jonti, PVT, Catcall, Coach Bombay

There’s chamber pop, synth pop, hip hop and remixes in this edition of our new music roundup.

? ?Emmanuelle? is an intriguing first taste of Hammocks & Honey member Prudence Rees-Lee’s upcoming debut album, Court Music From The Planet Of Love. It has a distinct Birkin & Gainsbourg feel, aided in no small part by the string-and-harpsichord backing, and by Rees-Lee’s breathy delivery. Produced by Simon Grounds, Rees-Lee’s debut is due out on Special Award in April.

? Jonti has contributed a new song to a collaborative release by Stones Throw and DJ hardware company Serato. ?Christmas Worm? is a standard-issue Jonti track, which is to say it features a loping rhythm, plenty of leftfield samples, and some woozy harmonies over the top – and that it’s rather good, too.

Two sides of the double LP will showcase new material by Stones Throw artists, while the other two will feature Serato Control Tones (if you know what this is, please share).

? PVT have remixed labelmates Ultra’sta?s track ?Bad Insect?, and the results are – fierce. The remix replaces Nigel Godrich’s warm, buzzing synths and Joey Waronker’s skittering beats with big, choppy drums, some industrial clanks and – well, not much else. Laura Bettincourt’s ing’nue vocals remain at the centre of the track, but they now have an ominous Blade Runner synth line altering the mood somewhat.

? Catherine ?Catcall? Kelleher has also submitted herself to the remix treatment. YOUTH and Julian Mendehlson’s treatment of her track ?On My Own?, which rather oddly surfaced on 90210 in 2011, has received a vinyl-only release. The resulting track has a pronounced Italo feel, in contrast to the power-poppin? original. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

? Melbourne auteur Terry Mann (aka Coach Bombay) has been dribbling tracks out into the world via his [bandcamp](http://coachbombay.com/) page for nigh on two years, and he has accumulated enough for a debut full-length. It’s called Pops, and it sounds just like you’d imagine. ?Radiator? is one of the more recent, and it’s a synth-candy wonderland: bleeps, chimes, pads, washes – Mann’s voice is just about the only organic feature, and even that sounds pretty shiny.